April 2014

New Moon of MAR 30th in Aries 9 deg - still unfolding first 2 weeks of APR
Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE:   APR 15th in Libra 25 deg
New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE:  APR 29th in Taurus 8 deg

There are so many different energies at work in April; it is hard to say which ones will affect individuals and which ones will affect groups of individuals, companies and/or the planet. Rumblings of aggressions between countries; the stock markets are shaky; negotiations are needed to keep peace; compromises are challenging; and agreements made are with the hope they will be honored.  Trust issues rise to the top of the list.

ECLIPSE energy in April: The lunar eclipse APR 15th is in Libra. MARS transiting in Libra is close by.  Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer join the party and are not friendly with each other or with PLUTO in Capricorn joining in to really shake up the party. The eclipse will push powerful energy in the direction of URANUS, MARS, JUPITER and PLUTO and will even involve MERCURY as it will be moving quickly through the sign of Aries in April. With Mercury involved with this group, it opens the door for events involving all types of transportation, communications of all kinds, unpredictable earth changes, volcanic eruptions, strategies involving military/war agendas and weather events that are out of the ordinary or extreme, and fires and explosions. Disruptions could also involve electronics, software glitches and satellite failures. Saturn in Scorpio will support the Sun in Pisces until April 20th. That is a positive and may help leaders make better choices, or keep “water” (and water issues) under control. April is a month of unstable energy and volatility.  It will end with an earth sign SOLAR ECLIPSE on April 29th in Taurus at 8 degrees…. perhaps this will stabilize the energy going into May?!? The downside:  the possible challenges to financial negotiations, money deposits, banking/credit card problems, money exchange issues, real estate scandals, etc.  Watch your credit and banking accounts for errors.

Planets Chaning This Month

PLUTO will retrograde on APR 14 in Capricorn at 14 degrees.  As it stations retrograde, watch the few days around the 14th as the energy will be challenging, especially to Scorpio, Aries, Capricorn and Cancer sun signs and ascendants.  Also, government officials will see bills/topics being returned for reconsideration, etc.  There could also be a major shakeup in government.  Watch the few days on either side of the 14th for more information on this.  Due to the high energy building on the 14th for the LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 15th, things could become quite intense and disruptive.  Mark your calendar.


APR 1:  The month opens with energy still unfolding from the New Moon in Aries on March 30th.  This will continue until the Lunar Eclipse on April 15th.  The moon moved into Taurus overnight bringing practical and calmer energy into to play today.  Use the time wisely to lay down plans that are down to earth.  Scorpio sun signs might actually benefit from todays energy.  Leo and Aquarius, however, may feel like something has stolen their thunder!

APR 2:  The moon continues in Taurus and highlights banking and financial companies. This is not the time to make major purchases. You will be charged more than it is worth.  Be careful you do not over indulge in anything today.  Moderation is the key.

APR 3:  The moon shifts to VOID at 2:43amEDT but quickly moves into GEMINI at 7:48amEDT.  Conversations pick up.  Communication in general increases. Indecision is everywhere.  Sagittarius sun signs are stressed as well as Virgo.  This is a very social time but maybe a little too fickle to get everyone together at the same time! The energy is bumpy in the very early morning and then again from 6 to 9pmEDT.

APR 4:  The moon cointinues in Gemini but is much easier to manage today.  Catch up on emails, phone messages and birthday greetings!  Gossip is likely to spread like a wild fire today so be careful. Be careful you are not carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders now. Protect your arms especially at the gym!

APR 5:  The moon starts in Gemini but quickly enters VOID at 10:55amEDT for the rest of the day until 6:40pmEDT when it enters Cancer.  If you can get things moving first thing in the morning you have a good chance of completing on time.  However, most things on your to-do list for the afternoon will probably never be fulfilled or at the very least they will have a delayed start.

APR 6:  The moon in family oriented Cancer with NO harsh aspects today is a clear pallet.With the moon in the sign of Libra take the time today to do something that is balancing.  Even if it is something as simple as having your hair cut.   Comfort foods are hard to avoid for Cancers but decreasing your sugar intake can improve your health tremendously. Today is a good day to start cutting back.

APR 7: The moon still in sensitive and caring Cancer welcomes Mercury moving into quick Aries.  The morning has a few bumps while the afternoon offers a more peaceful time. The moon enters VOID at 2:14pmEDT for the rest of the day.  Watch for unexpected occurences late in the day that could impact your drive home from work.

APR 8: The moon moves into LEO at 5:50amEDT and enjoys a more fun energy.  Sports are highlighted as well as movie directors, film makers, etc.  There is angry energy late in the afternoon and that could create a feeling of anxiousness.  Limit alcohol and spicy foods. It is easy to be overly generous today. Make sure you can live with the consequences of your generosity! Aquarius sun signs may want to withdraw from crowds today. Taurus sun signs will feel a bit agitated.

APR 9:  The moon continues in the romantic sign of LEO and today is a much better day for Leo sun signs!  Enjoy the music and the fun.  Blood pressure problems could present themselves today.  Exercise, exercise...

APR 10: The moon eases into VOID in the wee hours of th emorning and remains VOID until 6:08pmEDT when it carefully enters Virgo.  Double check all appointments today as delays, reschedules and cancellations are highly likely. This is a day to go over old stuff.  Routines work best for you today.   Always expect the unexpected when the moon is VOID.

APR 11:  The moon in VIRGO happens on a day that is filled with energy that is hard to integrate. This occurs early morning and then levels off for a much better way to spend the day.  Daydreaming is quite possible today!!  Virgo moon does expect us to take care of our responsibilities so click those off first and then take some time for wishful thinking!  Pisces sun signs will feel some pressure to perform today but it is not too difficult.  Gemini sun signs may feel more of an increased irritation.

APR 12:  With the moon in VIRGO up until 1:12pmEDT, you can accomplish a tremendous amount before the VOID moon afternoon.  Once the moon enters VOID, it’s anyone’s game. J  Important government announcements may be forthcoming over this weekend.  It is important to limit consumption of foods and drinks that upset the digestive tract but that is VERY important today.  Virgo sun signs/ascendants should limit dairy products.

APR 13:  Today is Palm Sunday and the moon moves into LIBRA at 4:33amEDT.  There are no conflicting energies today so enjoy it.  Aries sun signs may feel like sitrring up trouble if they do not have enough to do, so watch out!    There is a wave of energy that is moving in tonight and will unfold throughout the day tomorrow.  Enjoy this “calm before the storm” day.   Aries sun signs feel boxed in and unable to express themselves easily.  Patience is necessary.

APR 14:  The energy today with the moon still in Libra is tough.  It is a combination of harsh energies all coming together at the time Pluto is stationing retrograde and the moon I filling for an eclipse early tomorrow morning.  This is a day for strategic planning, refrain from taking action until later in the week if possible.  If you are diabetic, double check your sugar levels today.  Everyone should be cautious in activities to avoid injuries to the kidneys.

APR 15:  FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE at 25 degrees Libra at 3:42amET  This is a strong wave of full moon energy. The moon enters VOID as soon as it is full and remains VOID until 12:20pmET when it then shifts into secretive Scorpio.   Expect the unexpected during the morning hours.  If you are planning a trip, you will most likely be delayed in leaving. If you have scheduled work appointments before noon, double check to make sure the appointment is still valid.  Emotions bubble to the top and overflow.. keep those kleenexes handy if teary and keep tempers cool if angry!  Take a walk, work out, pull weeds –ANYTHING to keep the energy peaceful.

APR 16: The energy from yesterday is still unfolding. Go slow. With the moon still in SCORPIO, most will want to withdraw and be quiet and that is probably the best thing to do today. LEO sun signs stay home and watch TV.  This is a great day to finish up projects that involve mechanics, investigation, including scientific.  Behind the scenes activities are heating up.  Be cautious taking any and all medicines today as mistakes can happen.  This is a good day to see your gynecologist.

APR 17:  The moon opens the day still in SCORPIO but at 3amET it is VOID and stays VOID all day until 5:44pmET when it enters the direct speaking sign of Sagittarius.  The day is filled with delays and mishaps.  Be careful and especially watch weather alerts.

APR 18:  The moon in SAGITTARIUS today and filled with a lot of energy. Most of it can be used to make things happen the way we want.  It is also Good Friday so many people have a holiday.  Gemini sun signs dislike the bluntness of this energy so today is a good day to read a book, send emails, catch up on gossip. Be careful with high fat foods. Watch cholesterol levels.

APR 19:  The sun enters TAURUS (Yea for Taurus suns/ascendants) and the moon continues in Sagittarius until 9:17pmET when it quickly slips into CAPRICORN a steady, responsible energy.   With all the earth energy, watch for banking news, real estate news, and news about government making the headlines!  Aquarius sun signs are not happy with the fixed energy this time around, so take a step back and allow the energy to diffuse.

APR 20:  EASTER SUNDAY  -- The moon continues in CAPRICORN and the energy is a roller coaster ride today. The day rolls rather easily until late afternoon when everything changes.  Emotions will be hard to handle especially for water sign Cancer and fire sign Sagittarius. Everything seems to be so stern and without compassion.  It is only perception as in reality the energy is to place a focus on debts to be paid, responsibilities to be handled and a clear mind to manage all the craziness that is happening.  Virgo and Taurus may fare the best but even those signs will experience some angst.

APR 21:  The moon will be in CAPRICORN again today moving into VOID at 7:21pmEDT until midnight when it will move into the visionary sign of AQUARIUS. Today should focus on budgets, bank accounts, employment and practical issues.  Today is a good “dentist” day  and even for seeing your dermatologist!

APR 22: The moon in AQUARIUS is a lighter energy for a day or two. There is a desire to help mankind, to be the frontrunner for those less fortunate.  It is a great time to socialize, grab lunch with friends and brainstorming!  Intuition is high today.  LEO sun signs do not like to share the spotlight so maybe today is the day to stay home. J  Be careful with your knees and ankles.  Injuries could occur.

APR 23:  With the moon laughing in AQUARIUS, there could be some upsets with electrical grids, computer software, electronic devices…so doublecheck before using!   The moon will shift into VOID at 12:10pm (lunchtime!) creating a free falling afternoon as the moon will not shift into PISCES until early tomorrow morning. Expect the unexpected this afternoon, especially with Mercury (how we think) moving into Taurus.  It isn’t as comfortable in Taurus but it does bless us with  a more practical and insightful viewpoint.  This is good for artists of all types.  Scorpio and Leo sun signs may find the energy stressful.

APR 24:  The moon moved into PISCES at 2:55amEDT – the energy is quieter, softer and promotes shyness. It is a calmer day with a very strong, quiet energy coming together out of sight. This energy will be exposed within a week of today.  Virgo sun signs may not appreciate the energy today unless you need a little intuition added to your analytical side!   Be careful with your feet… even if dancing!

APR 25:  The moon is in PISCES again until 4:03pmEDT when it shifts into VOID again for the rest of the day. There is a lot of activity today but it takes place mostly after midday.  Complete as much as you can before the afternoon and then simply prepare for delays going home from work, or perhaps even unexpected offers for dinner/movie.  Hopefully, it will not be a request for working late.

APR 26:  The moon moves into firey ARIES at 6:01amEDT.  Overall the energy today is blustery, fast moving and sharp.  Be very careful handling sharp instruments, flammables, weapons, etc.  It is also important to protect your head, especially if you work in an environment where it is easy to injure your head.  Firemen should be exceptionally careful today AND tomorrow when fighting fires. Libra sun signs need to sleep in.

APR 27: The moon starts early in ARIES but quickly enters VOID at 7:02amEDT for the rest of the day.  Delays, confusion, miscommunications and unexpected events are likely.  The energy is building for the SOLAR ECLIPSE New Moon on the 29th. The energy is powerful and should be managed with care.  Earth changes, banking issues, real estate information are all part of an interesting energy unfolding as a result of the eclipse on the 29th.  Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius sun signs may feel a difficult challenging energy that can be used to accomplish a great deal if you channel the energy positively.

APR 28:  The moon slides into TAURUS at 10:23amEDT.  Today is calmer than you would expect considering it is building for the eclipse.  Do not be fooled, however, as there are rumblings beneath the surface.  Be watchful of all things you value, property, people, objects.  Pay close attention to sore throats or any issues with the throat.

APR 29:  SOLAR ECLIPSE New Moon in TAURUS  8 degrees 52 mins.  Whoohoo Taurus sun signs!  You get a healthy does of energy to use to move forward in a new job, new relationship or maybe a new residential situation.  Be happy and smile a lot.  There are several energy points throughout the day but they are positive and should help energize you.  The evening does have some yucky energy moving in but if you go to bed early you will miss it!  This solar eclipse delivers energy into the universe that sets up an unfolding of events and activities over the next 6 mos to a year.   Pay close attention to the things happening around today.  They could be previews of what you will be working on the next year.  Intuition is extremely high. Dreams are important around this date. Pay attention to them.   We should know what this new moon is bringing by the full moon in May that will be in Scorpio…

APR 30:  Energy continues to unfold today from the solar eclipse yesterday The moon is in TAURUS until 11:53amEDT and is then VOID until 4:56pmEDT when it enters the conversationalist sign of GEMINI.  If you can rest today, do so.  Find some time to be alone or simply be quiet.  Be alert to your body and any physical complaints you have.  It may be time for that medical check up.  Count your blessings and give thanks for this, the last day of April.

Eclipses in 2014
Apr 15 – Lunar Eclipse in Libra 25 degrees
Apr 29 – Solar Eclipse in Taurus 8 degrees
Oct 08 -  Lunar Eclipse in Aries 15 degrees (Powerful energy)
Oct 23 -  Solar Eclipse in Scorpio 0 degrees (Intense energy)

Retrograde Planets
When a planet is retrograde, its energy is weakened, misunderstood or projected in an unclear manner. The sun signs, industries, activities and so forth ruled by the retrograde planet, will feel held back, restricted, misunderstood or weakened. This is also a time when you are given an opportunity to re-do, re-evaluate these areas. Many times it brings about a better solution or happier direction.

Mars: Mar 1 - May 19 in Libra Mars has been in Libra since the end of last year.  It is not happy in Libra and now it is bogged down with the retrograde.  Mars is about action and assertiveness. It does not hesitate to make decisions.  Think of our fire fighters.  They have to make spontaneous decisions based on the danger of the situation. With Mars retrograde until, it allows time to “go back over” actions/decisions we have made since Mars moved into Libra last Dec. Think about it and be ready to make changes or simply to put everything in drive once Mars turns direct in May. Keep in mind, Libra is about balance, harmony and is a mental energy. Mars is action, spontaneous and self oriented.  We need this slowdown!

Saturn: Mar 2 - Jul 20 in Scorpio Saturn is the teacher, the task master.  It is a responsible energy. It rules government/officials.  It represents the authority, the teacher, the rules.  Where Saturn is transiting in your astro chart gives insights into the subject matter Saturn wants you to learn and also the area where Saturn is giving you support in the way of discipline and focus. If it touches a personal planet, that gives added meaning to the subject being taught or assisted

Pluto: Apr 14 - Sep 22 in CapricornPluto rules Scorpio sun signs/ascendants and also the house cusp that has Scorpio on it in your natal astro chart. Pluto is the planet of transformation and transition.  It rules death and rebirth.  Even though it is no longer being called a planet, my own experience shows it is still working as before.  So, during this retrograde period, reconsider any major moves or changes you are thinking of making. Remember Pluto is often called a money bag planet as it rules big business.  So be careful with major investments of money.  Pluto delves into areas most are afraid to go and probably should not!

Void of Course Moon(VOC or VOID)
When the transiting moon makes no aspect to a transiting planet, it is considered to be VOID. During these void periods - which can last a few minutes or a few days - it is best to avoid signing sign contracts, interviewing for jobs, or setting important appointments. Why? Because appointments are usually delayed or rescheduled altogether or they do not turn out as expected. Contracts have delays or have to be re-negotiated, etc. Job interviews turn out to be non-productive or empty promises are made. If, for instance, a first interview does occur and appears positive, you may be asked to start ASAP or have to interview with additional people, etc.

I feel that during void moon energy, solutions to problems can be found. Therefore, it is an excellent time for lawyers to find loopholes in cases or uncover evidence that will turn a case in their favor. Lost items are found or returned during this energy at a higher percentage than when the moon is not void. Any computer glitches that have evaded solution can suddenly be resolved. You can be lucky and win a lottery or raffle. Keep in mind that during a VOID MOON, any activities undertaken usually take TWICE as long to accomplish!!! There is also an element of LUCK associated with this void energy...use it wisely.

One thing is for certain -- always expect the unexpected during a VOID of COURSE MOON timeframe -- good and bad -- and be prepared for delays.

Transiting Planets
If the slower moving planets connect with one of your personal planets during 2014 (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars), energy will develop to bring about a needed event or change. So, it is helpful to know if this will be happening so you can plan better and be prepared to make it a good “connection”.  Here are the slower moving planets and the signs they will energize in 2014:

Mars is in Libra for the first half of 2014.  It usually only stays for 6-7 weeks but will remain for months this time.  Because of this, there are numerous opportunities for “war-like” behavior among not only countries, but even in personal and business relationships!  This is because at different times from now until mid July, Mars will poke at Pluto and Jupiter and even unpredictable and volatile Uranus. This creates tension and events that rise and fall like a roller coaster ride.  Uranus energy is unpredictable except for saying expect the unexpected and watch for sudden out of the blue developments including unpredictable events.  In Aries, Uranus is forcing new paths.  When it contacts Pluto or Mars or Jupiter there is ACTION.  There will be a slowdown when Mars retrogrades in March until May. This will allow time for review of all that has happened since Mars moved into Libra at the end of 2013.  Review carefully and be ready to act when it goes direct in May.

Jupiter is the fastest moving of the slower planets, staying approximately a year in each sign.  At the beginning of 2014 it continues retrograde (began in Nov 2013) in the sign of Cancer.  It will return to full strength when it turns direct on March 6.  It will be at 10 degrees Cancer.  In April 2014, it will make a powerful opposing aspect to Pluto. Watch April closely for mind blowing events set off by two powerful planets (and add Uranus to the mix!) Jupiter expands things and Pluto destroys or transforms them. The signs of Cancer and Capricorn represent nurturing and sensitivity and cool caution and discipline (home family/work responsibilities). Cancer sun signs may also have experiences with the law or legal matters as Jupiter represents those topics. Pluto represents death and rebirth.  In Capricorn it works to transform government and government officials including the banking system.  The year 2014 could see reforms within government or at the least with government leaders.  Once Jupiter leaves the sign of Cancer midsummer and moves into Leo, the spotlight will shift to those who are leaders.

Saturn takes about 2.5 years to transit one sign. It is in Scorpio now and continues in Scorpio until December 2014 when it leaves and enters Sagittarius. Before it leaves Scorpio, it will retrograde back into the higher degrees of Scorpio for very short periods before leaving Scorpio finally in Jan 2015.  Saturn’s energy helps us better manage our talents and urges. It can bring unexpected responsibilities or even a health crisis that requires discipline and focus to overcome.  It is the COMMITMENT KING. Commitments made during a transiting aspect of Saturn to your personal planets have endurance energy initiated. Not bad for a good marriage or business partnership if all other aspects are supportive. This is the time to stay current with your medical exams especially if you are a Scorpio sun sign or ascendant OR a Taurus sun sign or ascendant. Scorpio is the sign opposite Taurus. This opposition touches the Taurus sun signs with Saturn energy also just not as intense as what Scorpio feels.  It CAN feel oppressive having Saturn in your sun sign (or opposing it), but it doesn’t have to be felt that way.  Saturn can also restrict us in some way, i.e. sprained ankle, sick, etc.  With the ability to focus and accomplish, use Saturn’s positive side to finish up projects or goals that have been set aside. Take on any added responsibilities as a learning experience that will benefit you. Hard work is usually required when Saturn is in your sign so be prepared to work hard and be rewarded accordingly. For the first half of 2014 Saturn and Jupiter are in a comfortable partnership. That will bring some “lightness” to the weight of Saturn.

Uranus in ARIES will continue transiting the sign of Aries moving from 8 degrees Aries to 16 degrees in 2014. It does retrograde during the year and in Dec 2014 it will have retrograded back to 12 degrees Aries.   If you have a planet in your astro chart at 9-16 degrees Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, Uranus will energize that planet sometime in 2014. Libra sun signs born Oct 3 – 10 will feel this energy as an opposing force.  It is challenging but not as aggressively challenging as those born in the sign of Aries.  You could suddenly quit a job, seek a divorce, change your hair style, or even decide to change residence when this happens.  The energy of freedom loving Uranus is not predictable except to say it is unpredictable. Sudden changes, accidents, changes in beliefs, strong desire to be free, etc can all be part of this energy. Be careful in your desire to feel free, to break the rules, to make radical changes, especially if you are aged 41-43.  Remember, once the transit completes, you will be living with the consequences of your actions and decisions!  Uranus is sending kind vibes to Aquarius and Gemini but challenging the signs of Libra, Cancer, Capricorn and of course, Aries.

Neptune in Pisces will move from 3 degrees to 7 degrees Pisces during 2014. It will be retrograding and back to 4 degrees by Dec 2014.  It is very slow moving. Those Pisces born Feb 22 to Feb 27 or who have planets or ascendant at 3-7 degrees Pisces will be touched by this mysterious and shy planetary energy in 2013. Be cautious in business dealings and LOVE as Neptune energy can be evasive deceiving you before you know it.  Neptune has a strong spiritual side and connects to the higher realms. It also rules all liquids and things like the oceans, water, floods, drugs, hospitals, jails, bodily fluids including perspiration! Perhaps if your planets are contacted by this transiting Neptune, you will find yourself returning to church, restoring your faith, being drawn to the beach, or finding that true love!  Virgo sun signs may find themselves working with Pisces sun signs or changing careers to work in a Pisces industry i.e., oil, ink, ocean liners, entertainment, singing, children, any music or acting, etc. Virgo sun signs will feel the opposing energy creating feelings of vagueness and mystery.  Enjoy this opportunity to not only dream but see your dreams come true.

Pluto in Capricorn will transit 11, 12 and 13 degrees of Capricorn in 2014. Those born the first 5 days of January will feel this transit more directly. Any planet you may have in your astrological chart that is at the degrees mentioned, will feel the transformative power of Pluto. It can involve corruption, drugs, sexual desires, skin and teeth issues, government planning, the disciplining parent, and big business to name a few. The same applies to those Cancer sun signs born the first week of July; or anyone who has Cancer planets at 11, 12 or 13 degrees. Because Capricorn and Cancer are action oriented signs, Pluto’s transit will create strong desires for action, not just thinking. Capricorn creates harsh aspects to Aries and Libra but if they use the energy to accomplish and keep irritations under control, they will succeed! Pluto in Capricorn helps define economic changes that will be beneficial and strong.  Capricorn rules big business and government and government officials. These may be headliners in 2014.  The changes being made will be long lasting ones as Capricorn is cautious and responsible.  A word to the wise should be sufficient.  Virgo and Taurus – fellow earth signs of Capricorn – should find the transformations and changes, very positive and smooth.

Be blessed always!