November 2014 -- Happy Thanksgiving!

*The world is feeling the 9 vibration in November. It influences compassion, sensitivity, ideality, forgiveness, philanthropic endeavors, artists, religions, big opportunities and love. It is a vibration that encompasses the beginning and the end.  We prepare this month for these things under the main energy of the year which is a karma vibration (7).  Using the energy this month positively can bring many opportunites for happiness and monetary success - one that has no limits or boundaries. Whatever ends or begins this month has a sense of “fate” about it.

Nov 06:  Full Moon in Taurus 14 degrees
Nov 22:  New Moon in Sagittarius 0 degrees

Notable Dates
Nov 02:  Daylight Savings time ENDS - we gain an hour today!
Nov 04:  Election Day
Nov 08:  Mercury enters Scorpio
Nov 11:  Veteran’s Day – Honor those who have protected us
Nov 16:  Neptune stations Direct – great for Pisces sun signs/Pisces house cusps
Nov 22:  Sun moves into Sagittarius and a New Moon
Nov 27:  THANKSGIVING – Be thankful for all of our blessings, Mercury enters Sagittarius

Nov 01:  The month begins with the moon leaving Aquarius and entering Pisces.  Before it moves into Pisces at 12:37pmET, it will be VOID from 2:22am until 12:37pm. There is a slow start to the day but by midafternoon the energy increases.  This is a great day for music, poetry, and movies…with a little rain or snow J taking a few by surprise.  Incidences involving water, oil and gas are in the news. A wonderful day to allow your imagination to soar.

Nov 02:  The moon continues in Pisces. Daylight Savings Time ends.  No harsh aspects to add to the energy.  This is a day for quietness as well as being open to spiritual messages, enjoying a sensitive movie, attending church or perhaps simply enjoying nature.  If you want your hair to grow back fast, today is a good day to have a haircut. Virgo and Sagittarius sun signs may feel a bit drained.  Limit conversations for another day.

Nov 03: The moon enters VOID at 4:05am until 1:53pm. This again may bring a slow start to the day.  Always watch for the unexpected to happen during a VOID moon.  Once it enters the impulsive sign of Aries in the afternoon, everything will move forward rapidly.  It is common for headaches or head injuries to occur under this energy so take your time when moving about.  Aggressive or assertive actions will bring quick consequences so be patient.  Libra, Cancer, Capricorn sun signs will all feel the energy “poking” them.

Nov 04: The moon continues in the impatient but pioneering sign of Aries. It is ELECTION DAY. The morning brings strong, forceful energy. Hopefully, everyone will be calm and, if voting, avoid rash decisions.  Be very careful driving and avoid confrontations.  This energy will continue until early tomorrow morning. Libra sun signs should sit this one out!

Nov 05: The moon is in Aries until 8:25am when it enters VOID until 4:33pm.  This means expect the unexpected during the day.  Once the moon enters Taurus in the late afternoon, the energy will ground and become more manageable.  The snippy energy early in the day will diffuse. We have a full moon tomorrow so the energy is increasing.  Be careful you do not overeat, overdrink or overdo physically.  Aquarius sun signs may not enjoy this day as much as others.

Nov 06: FULL MOON at 5:23pmET – Taurus 14 degrees:  Strong energy for standing your ground. Again maintain moderation in eating and drinking. Exercise flexibility. Keep your eye on the money. Banks and financial institutions grab the headlines. Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio sun signs feel the increased energy as challenging. Channel that energy into creative projects and watch your success grow!  Health issues should be addressed quickly, especially anything involving the throat.

Nov 07: The moon continues in Taurus entering VOID at 11:17am until early evening at 8:45pm when it enters Gemini.  The morning gets off to a pushy start and then it becomes difficult to find the energy to accomplish anything. If you are able to do that, you are lucky.  There is grumpy energy midday.  Keep your ears closed to negative comments.  This evening, conversations will increase and become quite deep as Mercury begins to prepare to move into Scorpio.

Nov 08: With the moon in Gemini and Mercury (ruler of communications) moving into the deep sign of Scorpio, conversations and communications of all kinds will have a serious tone to them.  There is nothing shallow about conversations today so a lot can be accomplished.  Be sensitive to others feelings.

Nov 09: The moon in Gemini starts the day off with deep thoughts.  At 11:22am the moon will enter VOID for the REST OF THE DAY.  Enjoy going with the flow today.  No need to push yourself as it will result in having to re-do too much.  It is a “down” time day.   The markets around the world are bracing for tomorrow morning.

Nov 10: The moon moves into Cancer at 3:39am and is supported throughout the day by positive aspects. Thoughts turn to family and friends. Watch being overly protective. Consider a home cooked meal or simply enjoy just being at home.  Real estate is in the news.  This is another great day for a haircut if you want your hair to grow back fast. Capricorns want to focus on business.

Nov 11:  Veteran’s Day. The moon is still in the sensitve sign of Cancer and brings really yucky energy in the very early morning. By mid to late morning hopefully this will have leveled out and you can enjoy the rest of the day.  This is Veteran’s Day. Be thankful for all of those who have fought to keep us free.   Capricorn sun signs need extra rest today as well as Aries sun signs.

Nov 12:  Watch for strong emotions demonstrated today. The moon enters VOID early at 4:16am until early afternoon at 1:44pm when it eneters the fun sign of Leo. After a sluggish start to the day the afternoon is crazy busy!  This craziness will continue into the evening.  Unexpected accidents or events making headlines.

Nov 13: The moon continues in romantic Leo. The have fun energy from overnight is lingering in the air in the early morning hours. By late afternoon all is settled and it is business as usual.  Aquarius sun signs are not smiling as much today!

Nov 14: The moon is still in Leo until 9:53pm when it enters VOID for overnight. This a challanging day.  Take deep breaths often. Keep tempers controlled. Some may have very demonstrative ways of showing their unhappiness. Do not give into the same energy.

Nov 15: The moon in Virgo as of 2:08am brings a more critical eye into the mix. Today is a wonderful day to take care of all those little tasks you have not been able to finish – down to cleaning your car/closet/room…  you now have the zip to get it done.  Gemini would rather supervise, Sagittarius would rather go on a trip while Pisces feels like fading into the woodwork.  Remember, this is a very strong force for getting things done, for contributing to others.

Nov 16: The moon continues in Virgo and NEPTUNE returns to direct motion. This change in motion is excellent news for Pisces sun signs as well as the area of your astro chart that has Pisces on the cusp! There could be weather events in the news, especially related to rain/floodiing/snow.  Keep an eye on the sky!  Also there could be news about oil or gas as they are ruled by Pisces. VENUS moves into Sagittarius at 2:04pm bringing a spiritual tone to love.  It also favors foreign investments, education and legal institutions.

Nov 17: The moon moves into VOID at 6:11am until 2:30pm when it moves into Libra.  We seem to have a lot of 1-5,6 hour stretches of VOID moons this month. I consider those times to be quite fortunate. So, today is one of those fortunate days. Partnerships can be formed with ease.

Nov 18:  The moon continues in Libra.  There is angry energy in the afternoon so be aware of how your tone and your actions are effecting others.  Comprise is the way to win today.  Focus on mental activities, keeping the peace and smiling. Aries sun signs go crazy waiting on Libra energy to make a decision… J patience.

Nov 19:  The moon is still in Libra until 9:25am when it enters VOID until midnight. Expect the unexpected for sure today.  Find loopholes in legal battles. Negotiate a compromise or settlement. Keep an eye on the ball, though, as things will happen quickly and perhaps be hard to understand and primarily involves relationships. Be open to listening.

Nov 20: The moon shifted into Scorpio overnight. This is a very intuitive energy that has superb evaluation abilities.  The tendency to withdraw and be quiet while waiting for the right opportunity to stike would fit the energy of the day perfectly.  There is an invisible battle between fantasy and reality today.  Be clear about your decisions.

Nov 21: The moon in Scorpio continues and the energy is intense. The day provides a lot power to finish up projects, take care of business and generally accomplish a lot. The new moon tomorrow morning is already in motion. Watch for critical events to take place today.  Intuition is heightened.  Leo sun signs feel overwhelmed from all the seriousness.

Nov 22:  New Moon at 7:32am in a cipher degree (0) right after the Sun moves into Sagittarius at 4:38am. This is similar to the solar eclipse in October. It is, however, in a flexible sign, albeit one that is blunt and a bit caustic at times. Still, it is an ACTION sign.  It involves foreign people and agencies, universities/colleges, religious leaders, judges/judgements, military service, Australia, Chile, Moravia, Toronto, Singapor, to name a few topics/places that could be in the spotlight now. The full moon after this (Dec 6) will be in Gemini. It looks like we have information that will be “exposed” the latter part of November and into early December.  Individually, be alert around this to clues regarding information as well as new projects/directions in December.

Nov 23: The moon in Sagittarius continues and the new moon energy continues to unfold.  The day is calmer. A great day for being outdoors or taking a trip. The moon enters VOID at 10:16pm until tomorrow late morning. Gemini sun signs will be glad to see the change!

Nov 24: The moon is VOID until 11:31am when it enters the sign of Capricorn. This is a very serious start to the holiday week.  Watch the stock markets. Today is a reality check day. Set up your budget for holiday spending. Doublecheck your bank accounts and credit card balances. “Get your house in order”. Cancer sun signs have such a nurturing energy that sometimes they forget to care for themselves. This makes today tough for them.  Remember, in order to care for others, we must also care for ourselves.

Nov 25: The day is easy once we get past mid morning. This is a “take care of business” day so get your to do lists ready for today.  Govt leaders are in the spotlight.  Dermatologist and dentists are also spotlighted.  Because of the stern energy this can kind of day can bring, it might be best to postpone a court visit J if you are seeking compassion or mercy.  Reschedule it for another day!

Nov 26: The moon starts the day still in Capricorn but quickly enters VOID at 10:30am until 2:23pm when it shifts into friendly Aquarius. There is a lot of energy in the air today.  With a holiday tomorrow, be very careful driving.  Allow plenty of time to reach your destination.   The air is electric and may have people acting a bit crazy.  Enjoy the late afternoon energy.

Nov 27: Thanksgiving Day Mercury moves into blunt Sagittarius but not until evening. Whew J. When the thoughts are influenced by Sagittarius we think of travel, religions, foreign places, college, philosophy. There is a more positive outlook and hope for the future.  Enjoy the Aquarius moon and being with family and friends if that is part of your day. I am so thankful for my family and friends.  Be blessed everyone.

Nov 28: SHOPPING DAY  J The moon is in Aquarius until 12:14pm when it enters VOID until 5:03pm when it gently moves into Pisces. Be on the alert for deals during the VOID moon timeframe.  Be careful to stay within your budget. Leo sun signs feel left out and unappreciated. This will pass.

Nov 29: The moon in Pisces after the holiday is a good thing. It allows the energy to settle and brings a shyness to the day. There are a few bumps of energy early morning and mid evening.  Otherwise, the day is low keyed.  There is some strong energy for weather events, however. Watch for unusual frosts, snows, etc.

Nov 30: The last day of the month the moon is in Pisces until afternoon at 3:47pm  when it is VOID until 8:14pm.  It will then move into aggressive Aries. That gives us the day, though, with softer energy to recoup from the holiday and drive home safely.  Do that early to avoid the aggressive energy in the evening.


Retrograde Planets
When a planet is retrograde, its energy is weakened, misunderstood or projected in an unclear manner. The sun signs, industries, activities and so forth ruled by the retrograde planet, will feel held back, restricted, misunderstood or weakened. This is also a time when you are given an opportunity to re-do, re-evaluate these areas. Many times it brings about a better solution or happier direction.

Uranus: July 21 - Dec 21 in Aries Uranus rules the unexpected and unpredictable energies.  It rules the sign of Aquarius sun sign, electricity, automobiles, assassination attempts, earthquakes,, astrology, Bohemian, and Russia to name a few.  When it is retrograde, Uranus gives the topics/countries that it rules, time for review, reconsideration.  It also holds back some of its strength in order to allow for this.  It’s like slowing down as you approach an intersection to give you time to make sure you know which direction you want to go.  With Uranus in Aries (unexpected, impulsive), this is actually a good thing as it pulls the energy back to a more manageable level.

Neptune: June 9 - turns direct Nov 16 in Pisces Neptune rules the sign of Pisces and the house that has Pisces on the cusp if you know your chart.  Pisces is the ruler of the oceans, actors/actresses, musicians, and psychics/mediums - to name a few.  When Neptune is retrograde those things ruled by Neptune lose their forward oomph while giving us a time to review our goals and dreams. Check for possible changes.

Void of Course Moon (VOC or VOID)
When the transiting moon makes no aspect to a transiting planet, it is considered to be VOID. During these void periods - which can last a few minutes or a few days - it is best to avoid signing sign contracts, interviewing for jobs, or setting important appointments. Why? Because appointments are usually delayed or rescheduled altogether or they do not turn out as expected. Contracts have delays or have to be re-negotiated, etc. Job interviews turn out to be non-productive or empty promises are made. If, for instance, a first interview does occur and appears positive, you may be asked to start ASAP or have to interview with additional people, etc.

I feel that during void moon energy, solutions to problems can be found. Therefore, it is an excellent time for lawyers to find loopholes in cases or uncover evidence that will turn a case in their favor. Lost items are found or returned during this energy at a higher percentage than when the moon is not void. Any computer glitches that have evaded solution can suddenly be resolved. You can be lucky and win a lottery or raffle. Keep in mind that during a VOID MOON, any activities undertaken usually take TWICE as long to accomplish!!! There is also an element of LUCK associated with this void energy...use it wisely.

One thing is for certain -- always expect the unexpected during a VOID of COURSE MOON timeframe -- good and bad -- and be prepared for delays.

Transiting Planets
If the slower moving planets connect with one of your personal planets during 2014 (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars), energy will develop to bring about a needed event or change. So, it is helpful to know if this will be happening so you can plan better and be prepared to make it a good “connection”.  Here are the slower moving planets and the signs they will energize in 2014:

Jupiter is the fastest moving of the slower planets, staying approximately a year in each sign.  At the beginning of 2014 it continues retrograde (began in Nov 2013) in the sign of Cancer.  It will return to full strength when it turns direct on March 6.  It will be at 10 degrees Cancer.  In April 2014, it will make a powerful opposing aspect to Pluto. Watch April closely for mind blowing events set off by two powerful planets (and add Uranus to the mix!) Jupiter expands things and Pluto destroys or transforms them. The signs of Cancer and Capricorn represent nurturing and sensitivity and cool caution and discipline (home family/work responsibilities). Cancer sun signs may also have experiences with the law or legal matters as Jupiter represents those topics. Pluto represents death and rebirth.  In Capricorn it works to transform government and government officials including the banking system.  The year 2014 could see reforms within government or at the least with government leaders. Jupiter moved into the sign of LEO in July shifting the spotlight to those who are world leaders, famous sports figures and anyone in the arts/entertainment industry.  This is a positive energy for LEO sun signs.  Watch inflated egos and overconfidence.

Saturn takes about 2.5 years to transit one sign. It is in Scorpio now and continues in Scorpio until December 2014 when it leaves and enters Sagittarius. Before it leaves Scorpio, it will retrograde back into the higher degrees of Scorpio for very short periods before leaving Scorpio finally in Jan 2015.  Saturn’s energy helps us better manage our talents and urges. It can bring unexpected responsibilities or even a health crisis that requires discipline and focus to overcome.  It is the COMMITMENT KING. Commitments made during a transiting aspect of Saturn to your personal planets have endurance energy initiated. Not bad for a good marriage or business partnership if all other aspects are supportive. This is the time to stay current with your medical exams especially if you are a Scorpio sun sign or ascendant OR a Taurus sun sign or ascendant. Scorpio is the sign opposite Taurus. This opposition touches the Taurus sun signs with Saturn energy also just not as intense as what Scorpio feels.  It CAN feel oppressive having Saturn in your sun sign (or opposing it), but it doesn’t have to be felt that way.  Saturn can also restrict us in some way, i.e. sprained ankle, sick, etc.  With the ability to focus and accomplish, use Saturn’s positive side to finish up projects or goals that have been set aside. Take on any added responsibilities as a learning experience that will benefit you. Hard work is usually required when Saturn is in your sign so be prepared to work hard and be rewarded accordingly. For the first half of 2014 Saturn and Jupiter are in a comfortable partnership. That will bring some “lightness” to the weight of Saturn.

Uranus in Aries will continue transiting the sign of Aries moving from 8 degrees Aries to 16 degrees in 2014. It does retrograde during the year and in Dec 2014 it will have retrograded back to 12 degrees Aries.   If you have a planet in your astro chart at 9-16 degrees Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, Uranus will energize that planet sometime in 2014. Libra sun signs born Oct 3 – 10 will feel this energy as an opposing force.  It is challenging but not as aggressively challenging as those born in the sign of Aries.  You could suddenly quit a job, seek a divorce, change your hair style, or even decide to change residence when this happens.  The energy of freedom loving Uranus is not predictable except to say it is unpredictable. Sudden changes, accidents, changes in beliefs, strong desire to be free, etc can all be part of this energy. Be careful in your desire to feel free, to break the rules, to make radical changes, especially if you are aged 41-43.  Remember, once the transit completes, you will be living with the consequences of your actions and decisions!  Uranus is sending kind vibes to Aquarius and Gemini but challenging the signs of Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, and of course, Aries.

Neptune in Pisces will move from 3 degrees to 7 degrees Pisces during 2014. It will be retrograding and back to 4 degrees by Dec 2014.  It is very slow moving. Be cautious in business dealings and LOVE as Neptune energy can be evasive and deceiving you before you know it.  Neptune has a strong spiritual side and connects to the higher realms. It also rules all liquids and things like the oceans, water, floods, drugs, hospitals, jails, bodily fluids including perspiration! Perhaps if your planets are contacted by this transiting Neptune, you will find yourself returning to church, restoring your faith, being drawn to the beach, or finding that true love!  Virgo sun signs may find themselves working with Pisces sun signs or changing careers to work in a Pisces industry i.e., oil, ink, ocean liners, entertainment, singing, children, any music or acting, etc. Virgo sun signs will feel the opposing energy creating feelings of vagueness and mystery.  Enjoy this opportunity to not only dream but to also see your dreams come true.

Pluto in Capricorn will transit 11, 12 and 13 degrees of Capricorn in 2014. Those born the first 5 days of January will feel this transit more directly. Any planet you may have in your astrological chart that is at the degrees mentioned, will feel the transformative power of Pluto. It can involve corruption, drugs, sexual desires, skin and teeth issues, government planning, the disciplining parent, and big business to name a few. The same applies to those Cancer sun signs born the first week of July; or anyone who has Cancer planets at 11, 12 or 13 degrees. Because Capricorn and Cancer are action oriented signs, Pluto’s transit will create strong desires for action, not just thinking. Capricorn creates harsh aspects to Aries and Libra but if they use the energy to accomplish and keep irritations under control, they will succeed! Pluto in Capricorn helps define economic changes that will be beneficial and strong.  Capricorn rules big business and government and government officials. These may be headliners in 2014.  The changes being made will be long lasting ones as Capricorn is cautious and responsible.  A word to the wise should be sufficient.  Virgo and Taurus – fellow earth signs of Capricorn – should find the transformations and changes, very positive and smooth.

Be blessed always!