August 2017

KEYWORD for August: Watch
COLOR for August: BLUE

LUNAR Eclipse: August 7
SOLAR Eclipse: August 21
Uranus Retrograde: August 3
Mercury Retrograde: August 12
Saturn DIRECT: August 25

This is the month for watching and waiting, for reviewing, editing, and thinking. It is not a month for making any major or life changing decisions. Wait until mid-Sep if you can. There may be people or things leaving your life or changing in some way this month. That could make a difference in your decisions. So, chill. Breathe.

With Uranus and Mercury stationing retrograde, a lunar eclipse and the magnificent Solar Eclipse that will cross the US this month, August may serve as a much-needed turning point for many world negotiations or interests. Hopefully, our leaders will ponder all possibilities carefully this month -waiting until mid-Sep to initiate or move forward.

Uranus stations Retrograde Aug 3rd. Due to the high electrical-type of energy Uranus has, there will be a prickly, anxious or scattered feeling to Aug 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Watch for unusual and sudden, out of the blue, events. This energy moves quickly into the build-up for the lunar eclipse on the 7th. There could be unpredictable events such as earthquakes or pop up storms.

The first eclipse is a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse. It brings a lot of emotion into play. Tears flow easily and strong. With this increased spontaneous electrical energy swirling, we could see major electronic problems, power outages, severe storms and challenges with air travel. Back up your computers (always)! Repair any electronics at the first sign of a problem (common sense). Double check all travel plans/reservations. Prepare for storms that could interrupt power.

The second eclipse is a Solar or New Moon eclipse. It has been close to 100 years since a solar eclipse has crossed the US like this. It brings triple the energy of an ordinary new moon. Whew. The energy from the first two weeks unfolds and regroups, creating a power house of energy that encourages ACTION. Normally this would be fantastic but with Mercury retrograde and the high energy from the eclipses, be very careful. It is best to focus on old business and relationships now and wait on the new ones until mid-Sep. If you do not, the likelihood of “screw-ups” is tripled. Mistakes will happen. And, you will probably not like what you decided. So, hold off if possible on signing contracts or making big purchases. Ugh. Patience is the best choice for August. Watch, look, listen.


Aug 01 – The moon starts off the month in Sagittarius. A truth and justice energy permeates the air today. Be careful of how you say things as this energy, while wanting to be truthful, can be hurtful if words are too blunt or sarcastic. This is a great day for long distance travel or just getting away. If you cannot physically go anywhere, watch the travel channel or close your eyes and dream. Gemini might feel a little taken back by the energy today so lay low.

Aug 02 – The moon continues in Sagittarius. There is a focus on higher education, publishing, legal topics, the military and foreign interests. Stay centered in truth and you will not have to back track.

Aug 03 – Overnight, Uranus turned Retrograde in Aries and the moon decided to stay another day in Sagittarius – at least until 5:38pmET when it enter VOID for a brief time. It enters Capricorn at 8:37pmET. Uranus rules such things as automobiles, earthquakes, Bohemians, electricity, electronics, motion pictures, airplanes, pilots and even aliens! Always expect the unexpected when events are touched by Uranus. While retrograde, Uranus will not be as strong but still very active.

Aug 04 – With the moon in Capricorn perhaps any craziness from yesterday will now settle into a calmer, cooler energy. There are a couple of energies, one early morning and one midday to mid-afternoon that might involve financial institutions. There could be a fatherly like energy in the air that may come across as strict or restrictive. Focus on taking care of responsibilities.

Aug 05 – The moon continues in Capricorn giving more time to complete tasks, check bank and credit card balances, visit parents and generally take stock of the coming week’s agenda. Cancer suns may feel a bit irritated or jittery. This is more due to the building toward the eclipse than the moon in Capricorn.

Aug 06 – The moon moves into VOID at 5:22amET and quickly moves into Aquarius at 8:16amET. The LUNAR ECLIPSE energy is building quickly. Watch out for crazy drivers, unusual delays, quirky comments and quick changes. Rumbling of the earth may give way to an earthquake. Leo sun signs may feel left out and not even invited on stage. It’s okay.. your day is coming.

Aug 07 – FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs at 2:11pmET in Aquarius at 15 degrees. Emotions are sensitive. The desire to help others is strong. Although the energy is high, this is a social day. Have a good time with friends/family. Be prepared for sudden changes in the weather which could turn severe.

Aug 08 – The full moon energy continues to unfold. The moon will shift into VOID at 3:07pmET and then quickly move into Pisces at 5:56pmET This is a beautiful day for simply feeling good. Help others in some way. Pay attention to those “hunches”. Be careful in all activities that could injure your lower legs. The evening will hopefully bring a calming energy.

Aug 09 – The moon in Pisces is often reserved and calming. Other than possible rain/flooding forecasts, the day allows for a pulling back to rest. Enjoy the quietness. It is a great time for artists and entertainers. The imagination is soaring.

Aug 10 – The moon is in Pisces early and then moves into VOID at 9:38amET. It will remain VOID for the REST OF THE DAY. Expect the unexpected. Events do not happen as scheduled. Delays are likely. Many times we just feel a bit flustered, not able to find focus when the moon is VOID. Virgo does not like the energy and may be a bit too crabby today!

Aug 11 – The moon shifted into Aries overnight. This is a day filled with opportunity. People can be aggressive or assertive under this energy. There is an increase in fires, domestic violence, explosions, angry conversations and injuries to the head. There is an uneven energy in the air due to Mercury preparing to retrograde tomorrow.

Aug 12 – This is a powerful day filled with strong energy AND MERCURY RETROGRADES at 9:01pmET. The moon in Aries supports this and raises the flag for being extra cautious in driving, conversations, any activity involving sharp instruments or fires. Be very careful now in all communications as the likelihood of screw-ups is almost 100% today! Read all directions carefully.

Aug 13 – The moon entered VOID at 4:01amET and then into Taurus at 6:40amET. There is practical energy coming in as a result of this strong earth sign moon. Will it help tone down all the frazzled nerves and irritability? I believe it will help and over the next few days, it would be best to pull out the to-do list and start working on clicking a few things off.

Aug 14 – The moon in Taurus puts the spotlight on animals, banking, and psychic impressions. Pay attention to those “feelings”. They might just pay off. Fixed signs Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius do not change easily. Perhaps pulling back a bit until this moon energy passes would be best. At 9:15pmET the moon will enter VOID until tomorrow morning.

Aug 15 – The moon is VOID until 10:06amET when it enters the youthful sign of Gemini. The other real caution today is overspending. Hold onto your money today! Watch investments closely. This is HIGH energy for going overboard.

Aug 16 – The moon continues in Gemini and brings refreshing winds. If you managed to stay on top of your money yesterday, then today allows for breathing easy. Sagittarius suns want to act and travel, but this is not the best thing for today.

Aug 17 – The moon opens in Gemini and enters VOID at 9:38amET until 12:13pmET when it enters the very cautious and sensitive sign of Cancer. AGAIN watch overspending or overindulging in love or maybe rich desserts! Everything in moderation. There is a tremendous amount of creative energy in the air. Use it!

Aug 18 – The moon still in Cancer makes Capricorn want to run from all the drama. Have lunch with friends and dinner with loved ones. Stay home if you can and enjoy family time.

Aug 19 – The moon will be in Cancer until 11:17amET when it enters VOID until the afternoon at 1:55pmET. During midday, lunches may not go as planned or perhaps you feel like taking a little nap ?? The afternoon will perk up and you will feel like dancing! Work hard in the AM and have fun in the PM.

Aug 20 – The moon in Leo is grand for sports, the arts, children, pets and all things fun. There is positive energy in the air today even though it is OVER THE TOP due to the approaching SOLAR ECLIPSE tomorrow. So, keep thing in moderation or you could overdo and lose this great energy day. Aquarius sun signs are able to accomplish more than usual today!

Aug 21 – SOLAR ECLIPSE at 2:30pmET IN LEO 28 DEGREES CROSSING THE UNITED STATES - What an event! The energy is high, the mood is exciting. Be very careful and follow instructions for how to protect your eyes in viewing this eclipse. With regards to the energy, there will be a shake-up where leaders are concerned as well as those in the entertainment industries. The energy will take a few days to settle into place. No knee jerk reactions, please! The moon will enter VOID as this event takes place moving into Virgo at 4:25pmET.

Aug 22 – The Sun moves into Virgo joining the moon in Virgo. Now is the time to focus on details, getting the job done and being responsible. This is a good day to take care of car cleaning, mani-pedis, house/yard cleaning, doctor appointments, etc. Be careful in conversation with others as it will be easy to criticize! Pisces should walk in nature or play with children and pets.

Aug 23 – The moon continues in conscientious Virgo until 4:02pmET when it enters VOID until 9:05pmET. At that time, it will slip into the mentally active sign of Libra. Take today to plan events, double check agendas or perhaps listen to music to soothe your soul! Aries is not interested in thinking but rather wants to ACT. Hmmm, this is not the month to rush into anything remember!

Aug 24 – The moon now in Libra seeks compromise and fairness. This is an unusual day as there is money floating in the air! Perhaps you might see a small windfall or maybe win a dollar on a lottery ticket or raffle. Wear something that makes you FEEL good today!

Aug 25 – SATURN stations DIRECT and the moon is in Libra all day again. Capricorn Sun signs/Ascendants feel a rush of cool air as their ruler returns to full strength. Watch government activities as Saturn rules such things. Cancer finds today a bit cold and unfeeling.

Aug 26 – The moon moved VOID early at 1:39amET and then gladly moved into Scorpio at 4:53amET. The mood shifts to a quietness that many perceive as secretive. It is simply a time to pull back, LISTEN, rather than talk. FEEL rather than think. It is a fortuitous vibration or investigative work or research. Taurus may feel a bit left out or unappreciated now so keep yourself busy!

Aug 27 – The moon in Scorpio with a strong energy for being cheerful may just be what the doctor ordered! This is a lighter feeling day. Trust comes easier (says a lot!) and the jealousy and possessiveness that sometimes accompanies this moon energy almost disappears. This is a good day for transforming old furniture into something new!

Aug 28 – The moon moves out of Scorpio early AM and spends the day VOID until 3:48pmET when it wanders into the truth seeking sign of Sagittarius. The energy is about exploring, checking things out, travelling, getting to the truth. The next few days will find these areas energized. Gemini feels poked at and drained - perhaps it would be best to make phone calls, send emails or text!

Aug 29 – The moon in Sagittarius finds today a bit testy. Watch for news about foreign leaders, military, schools and the justice system. The day is best spent focusing on closing legal matters, working in the courts, school agendas, or maybe wandering around exploring a new area!

Aug 30 – The moon continues in Sagittarius but seems easier to handle. There appears to be no cross currents today that would cause concern. Due to the presence of Saturn in Sagittarius, there is the tendency to feel restricted or held back. Saturn is nearing the end of its 2.5 year stay in Sagittarius so hang in there!

Aug 31 – The moon moved into VOID overnight and then into Capricorn at 4:18amET. This is a rather aloof way to end the month. Perhaps this is a good thing as next month will bring another Mercury Retrograde to a close on Sep 5. Now is a good time to double check your credit card balances, work on your budget, take care of older family members, and generally take care of your tasks. Although a cool vibration is felt by Capricorn, it can be one of the most passionate energies when it comes to emotions. Enjoy the calmness that comes with today’s energy.

A Few Countries and Rulers

China: Libra/Venus
England: Aries/Mars (subGemini)
Germany: Aries/Mars
Israel: Aries/Mars
Mexico: Capricorn/Saturn
Palestine: Aries/Mars
Russia: Aquarius/Uranus
Syria: Aries/Mars and Scorpio/Pluto
Turkey: Virgo/Mercury
United States: Gemini/Mercury, especially East of the Mississippi and West of Mississippi adds a Cancer/Leo influence to the Gemini

Noon Cycles

New Moon: A new moon initiates energy that is very strong for four weeks or one lunar cycle but influences the year until another new moon occurs in that same sign - usually a year later. What that energy involves is indicated by the sign in which the new moon occurs and personally, which house/aspects etc are activated in your astrological chart. If the new moon is an eclipse the energy is tripled.

Full Moon: The full moon that follows two weeks after the new moon brings the energy of the new moon out into the open, or to a peak. It continues to unfold energy for two more weeks until the next new moon when the cycle begins all over again highlighting a different area of our lives. Those emotional influences can last a year.

Void Moon: When the transiting moon makes no aspect to a transiting planet, it is considered to be VOID. During these void periods - which can last a few minutes or a few days - it is best to avoid signing sign contracts, interviewing for jobs, or setting important appointments. Why? Because appointments are usually delayed or rescheduled altogether or they do not turn out as expected. Contracts have delays or have to be re-negotiated, etc. Job interviews turn out to be non-productive or empty promises are made. If, for instance, a first interview does occur and appears positive, you may be asked to start ASAP or have to interview with additional people. Individually, if you are under excellent aspects from transiting planets, this will then be a good time to proceed even though the moon is void.

I find that during void moon energy, solutions to problems can be found. Therefore, it is an excellent time for lawyers to find loopholes in cases or uncover evidence that will turn a case in their favor. Lost items are found or returned during this energy at a higher percentage than when the moon is not void. Any computer glitches that have evaded solution can suddenly be resolved. You can be lucky and win a lottery or raffle. Keep in mind that during a VOID MOON, any activities undertaken usually take TWICE as long to accomplish!!! There is an element of LUCK associated with VOID energy. Use it wisely! :-)

One thing is for certain -- always expect the unexpected during the time of a VOID of COURSE MOON and be prepared for delays or cancellations or a surprising turn of events. This can be felt as positive or negative!

Eclipses in 2017

Feb 10 - LUNAR eclipse: in Leo at 22 degrees
Feb 26 - SOLAR eclipse: in Pisces at 8 degrees
Aug 06 - LUNAR eclipse: in Aquarius at 15 degrees
Aug 21 - SOLAR eclipse: in Leo at 28 degrees 53 minutes (close to 29 degrees)

Retrograde Planets in 2017

When a planet is retrograde, its energy is weakened, misunderstood or projected in an unclear manner. The sun signs, industries, activities and so forth ruled by the retrograde planet, will feel held back, restricted, misunderstood or weakened. This is also a time when you are given an opportunity to re-do, re-evaluate these areas. Many times it brings about a better solution or happier direction.

Mercury Retrograde Aug 12 – rules electricity, electronics, transportation, computers, and the FLOW of money
When it is retrograde (weak), communications, electronics, contracts, new initiatives - meet with challenges, delays, misunderstandings and just confusion. Emails, text messages and even voice messages are sent or left for the wrong person. Relationships can be bumpy and some may even part ways (business and personal). The flow of money goes up and down or slows completely. Always watch the stock markets. If you can postpone starting major projects/or signing important papers/contracts it would good. This will give Mercury time to regain forward motion and allow you to see everything more clearly. The retrograde period best using for focusing on OLD business and relationships or projects already in motion before the retrograde cycle began. It is a review cycle. The retrograde period allows for resolution of problems that were already being worked on before the retrograde. If you can put RE in front of the word, you can usually do it successfully under this retrograde (RE-lease, RE-new, RE-turn, etc) Agreements can be re-negotiated. Just be careful with any of the “numbers” in the paperwork. If possible delay the final signing of a contract until after Mercury is direct to avoid complications. This is true even if you have outstanding aspects in your astrological chart! Save major purchases for when Mercury goes direct. If you do not, you will probably not like be happy with your purchase.

As you know, the week prior to Mercury stationing retrograde is when the energy seems the most erratic and disruptive. Many times this is when you get signs that something is breaking down, i.e. electronic equipment, car, a relationship etc. It seems the energy on the front end of the Mercury retrograde cycle is more tangled and harder to manage than than at the end when it goes direct again.

Saturn Retrograde April 6, 2017 - August 25, 2017, in Sagittarius
Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn. It also rules the activities involved with government, authority figures, responsibilities and the elderly. Now is the time to think about your budget, commitments, etc that started back in Sep 2015. Are there any changes you want to make? Double check all credit card balances, bank accounts, and any legal papers you may have signed. This is a really positive time review your budget for beneficial changes. Now is not the time for committing to a relationship or additional responsibilities. Slow down. Review. If you are having any major dental surgery done during this retrograde, it would be wise to find the best energy day possible before you do it. Remember when a planet if retrograde, it is weak. Saturn rules the teeth!

Neptune Retrograde June 16, 2017 - November 22, 2017, in Pisces
Neptune rules the oceans, water, liquids, magic, angels, actors, music, and diseases from bites, stings, drugs or alcohol to list a few. It also rules the sign of Pisces. It is the planet of illusion or fantasy. The good news is that when retrogrades we can see people and situations more clearly. It is a reality check. Many times our eyes are suddenly opened and we can make objective decisions without the rose colored glasses. Of course then comes the “what was I thinking” part.

Pluto Retrograde April 20, 2017 - September 28, 2017, in Capricorn
Pluto takes many, many years to transit a sign (planet or not!). The transit of it through a sign will create an impact that affect generations. It is considered to be a heavy weight when it comes to banking or financial institutions. Having Pluto retrograde also pulls back some of its great influence from Scorpio sun signs and Scorpio ascendants as it is the ruler of Scorpio. Pluto gets along really well with Jupiter. By the end of April, both planets will be retrograde. This could create challenges with foreign interests or countries, money, executive/legislative branches, banks, educational institutions and even pipelines! Reassessment of pipelines, tunnels, hoses, caves, etc. makes good use of this retrograde energy. Scorpio sun signs and Scorpio ascendants may not have the gusto you crave, but you can still get a lot accomplished.

Transiting Planets in 2017

If a slower moving planet connects with one of your personal planets such as your Sun, Venus, Mercury or Mars, it will initiate a reaction or event regarding the planet that is touched. Example: transiting Jupiter connects with your Venus. You could simply have a wonderful couple of "feeling good" days while this is active or maybe win a lottery, fall in love with someone or something, have a face-lift, settle a legal case, or set up a new banking account. It is helpful to know if this will be happening so you can plan better and be prepared to make it a good "connection". Here are the slower moving planets and the signs they will be travelling through in 2017:

Jupiter in Libra until October 2017
Jupiter is the fastest moving of the slower planets, staying approximately one year in each sign. It takes approximately 12 years for Jupiter to travel through all 12 signs. The first, the Libra sun signs will have this “guardian angel” energy for a full year. Until October 2017, Jupiter sends positive energy to the arts, music, relationships, agreements, and even make-overs. Because LIBRA is a cardinal sign, those born under the sign of Capricorn, Aries and Cancer or who have planets in these signs, will experience the effects of this transit at some point as Jupiter contacts your sun sign. The effects could be pleasant with opportunities knocking at your door or you can be feel frustrated or irritated. The choice is really yours. Use the energy in a positive way! In October, Jupiter will quietly move into Scorpio to finish the rest of 2017. Watch for more on this change of energies in the coming October’s forecast!

Saturn in Sagittarius until December 2017
The last time Saturn was in Sagittarius was late 1985 into early 1988. It takes about 2.5 years to transit one sign. It is now Sagittarius’ turn to feel the structuring, disciplining and in some cases restricting energy of this transit. November born Sagittarius have this transit in their rear view mirror now. Yay! Those born December 10 – 22 (and those with any planets in Sagittarius 21 degrees and higher) will at some point during 2017, feel this transit. By the end of this year Saturn will complete it’s transit of Sagittarius and move into the sign of Capricorn in December. Saturn’s energy helps us better manage our talents and urges. It can bring unexpected responsibilities or even health issues that require discipline and focus to overcome. Commitments made during a transit of Saturn to a personal planet (sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars) have endurance energy/longevity. Negatively, they can feel like heavy responsibilities! But it is not a bad energy for a good marriage or business partnership if all other aspects are supportive. This is the time to stay current with your medical exams especially if you are born under the sign of Sagittarius, have personal planets in Sagittarius, have Sagittarius rising, have Sagittarius on your work/health house (6th). If you have planets in the sign of Gemini at 21 degrees or higher, Saturn will, at some point, create an opposing energy. This can bring limitations (including medical conditions) or simply push you to organize and discipline your activities. It CAN, at times, feel really burdensome – even depressing - having Saturn in your sun sign (or opposing it. Given the ability to focus and accomplish now, use Saturn’s positive side to finish up projects or goals that have been set aside. Take on any added responsibilities as a learning experience that will benefit you. Hard work is usually required when Saturn is in your sign so be prepared to work hard and be rewarded accordingly. Remember, work smarter not harder.

Uranus in Aries until 2018
Uranus will continue transiting the sign of Aries moving from 20 degrees to 28 degrees Aries. It will retrograde back to 24 degrees by the end of 2017. If you have a planet in your astro chart at 20 - 28 degrees Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, Uranus will energize that planet sometime in 2017. Libra sun signs born Oct 10 - 23 will feel this energy as an opposing force. It is challenging but not as aggressively challenging as those born in the sign of Aries will feel. You could suddenly decide to quit a job, seek a divorce, change your hair style, or even relocate when this happens. The energy of freedom loving Uranus is not predictable except to say it is unpredictable. Sudden changes, accidents, changes in beliefs, strong desire to be free, etc can all be part of this energy. Be careful in your desire to feel free, to break the rules, to make radical changes, especially if you are aged 41-43. Remember, once the transit completes, you will be living with the consequences of your actions and decisions! Uranus is sending kind vibes to Aquarius and Gemini but challenges Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, and of course, Aries.

Neptune in Pisces until 2025
will move from 9 degrees to 14 degrees Pisces but during the year it retrogrades ending 2017 direct at 11 degrees. It is very slow moving. Be cautious in business dealings and LOVE as Neptune energy can be evasive and deceiving you before you know it. Neptune has a strong spiritual side and connects to the higher realms. It also rules all liquids and the oceans, water, floods, drugs, hospitals, jails, bodily fluids including perspiration! Perhaps if your planets are contacted by this transiting Neptune, you will find yourself returning to church, restoring your faith, being drawn to the beach, or finding that true love! Watch out, though! Make sure you remove your rose colored glasses before making major decisions. Virgo sun signs may find themselves working with Pisces sun signs or changing careers to work in a Pisces industry i.e., oil, ink, ocean liners, entertainment, singing, children, any music or acting, etc. Virgo sun signs will feel the opposing energy creating feelings of vagueness and mystery. Enjoy this opportunity to not only dream but to also see your dreams come true.

Pluto in Capricorn
Pluto will transit 16, 17, 18, 19 degrees of Capricorn in 2017. Those born Jan 6-11, Apr 5-10, Jul 8-12 and Oct 9-12 will most likely feel this transit more directly. In an astrological chart if you have personal planets at 16-19 degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra, you will feel the transformative power of Pluto as it interacts with that planet. It can involve corruption, drugs, sexual desires, skin and teeth issues, government planning, the disciplining parent, deaths, and big business to name a few. Pluto in Capricorn helps define economic changes that will be beneficial and strong. Capricorn rules big business and government and government officials. In 2017, Pluto in Capricorn will provide the impetus to release or destroy anything that has served its purpose in our lives. The changes being made will be long lasting ones as Capricorn is cautious, practical and very responsible. A positive use of the energy would be to take the initiative and change areas of your life that need improvement – before it is done for you! Emotionally you could embark on a new way of looking at life. A word to the wise should be sufficient. Virgo and Taurus – fellow earth signs of Capricorn – should find the transformations and changes, very positive and easier to integrate than other sun signs.

May the force remain strong with you throughout 2017!