July 2016
"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

New Moon: July 4th in Cancer at 12 degrees
Full Moon: July 19th in Capricorn at 27 degrees

In July... MARS has returned to full steam! It retrograded into SCORPIO back to 23 degrees. As it moves forward now it is still in SCORPIO, until August 2nd when it again returns to SAGITTARIUS. Now is the time to push forward on projects, and get the ball rolling again! It has been a slow couple of months with many things hitting snags and slowdowns!

MARS will be transiting in the sign of SCORPIO in JULY. This is also a KARMA month for the world. MARS gives energy and SCORPIO enjoys transforming what it touches, enjoying covert activities and hidden agendas. So, this month we may uncover information or activities that have been hidden or somehow closed off. Many things will be torn down or destroyed in order to rebuild better. Because of the energy of this karma month, events/happenings are destined to come about. Remember to always respect the energy of karma –this month especially it demands integrity and honor. Stay centered, be positive and always truthful.

On July 29th, the planet URANUS retrogrades in ARIES at 24 degrees and will not be direct again until late December. This could bring choppy energy for the start of next month, August. Read more under Retrograde planets.

An overview before the daily:

July 1-7 begins with a full weekend of celebration for Independence Day on July 4th. We also have a NEW MOON on the 4th in the sign of CANCER. New moons always bring a lot of energy and this particular one will present the holiday with increased emotions and a desire to be with and protect loved ones. The 1st, 2nd are more about talking than doing. The 3rd is sentimental and the 4th is overloaded! The 5th and 6th compete for the spotlight. The 7th is VOID all day – so, expect the unexpected or at the least, delays.

July 8-14 brings a focus on details – of all kinds, contracts, congressional bills, hosptial regulations, etc especially the 8th and 9th. The 10th is a “thinker’s” day. It has great energy for planning, and strategizing. The 11th and 12th are a bit stressful and could cause knee jerk reactions. It is important to be very patient on these two days. Venus will move into LEO softening some of it. The 13th brings a quieter energy and includes Mercury moving into LEO from Cancer. The 14th is a better day with a big emphasis on secrets and leaders.

July 15-21 The 15th is full of adventure and legal news. The 16th may be quite angry and tough to work through. Stay home if you can. The 17th is VOID most of the day so it will be hard to accomplish much. The 18th is BUSY and the energy is high ahead of the FULL MOON. The 19th the FULL MOON in CAPRICORN shines a bright light on banking, financial instituions, large corporations, loans, debts of all kinds. The 20th will manage the fallout from the full moon while the 21st will step it up a notch doing damage control.

July 22-31 The 22nd is choppy with energy early as the Sun enters LEO but otherwise, slower. The 23rd continues this energy. The 24th and 25th bring sudden news happenings and hasty decisions. Be careful! The 26th and 27th seem focused on real estate and financial agreements but it is a roller coaster ride. The 28th has bumpy energy as URANUS continues to station to go retrograde on the the evening of the 29th. The 29th URANUS is retrograde in the evening after a day of stressful energy. The 30th calms things down as the day is in VOID moon energy all day. The last day, 31st, has a sentimental feeling about it but is a bit crabby in the evening.


July 01 – The month starts off today in GEMINI, quiet but chatty. Conversations increase. The afternoon is “sweet”. Go for an ice cream cone with someone whose company you enjoy. Play the lottery early afternoon as the flow of money is good.

July 02 – The moon continues in GEMINI but adds stressful energies in the early part of the day. The afternoon is easier. Catch up on playful activities, especially word games, etc.

July 03 – The moon is in CANCER and the emotions are bubbling over. Some of this is because CANCER is sentimental but most today is because tomorrow is a NEW MOON. Take care of domestic tasks, plant flowers, enjoy being home.

July 04 – INDEPENDENCE DAY! Happy July 4th to everyone. Today is a NEW MOON in CANCER at 12 degrees. Be careful with fireworks, the grilling, etc. Be safe and have a wonderful happy day with family and friends. Emotions will be sensitive so be kind and considerate of each other’s feelings today. We are blessed in America to be free. Celebrate that today.

July 05 – The moon is VOID in the AM so expect delays and unexpected news. The leftover full moon energy folds over into today but by midday the moon moves into spotlight loving LEO. This is a fun loving day and includes flirtations, romantic gestures and fun with children and pets. If you have heart issues, make sure you are paying attention today.

July 6 – The moon continues in LEO and is joined by a few nice aspects! THIS could be a great night for romance. Make your plans. Be sure you do everything in moderation as tomorrow the reality of your actions will unfold!

July 7 – The moon enters VOID at 8:05am and is VOID all day until 6:41pmET when it will enter VIRGO. EXPECT the UNEXPECTED. If you have appointments today, they may be delayed, rescheduled or cancelled altogether. There is harsh energy early morning, late morning, and strong tough energy around 6pm. The money markets, transportation, and powerful leaders need to be watched carefully.

July 8 – The moon in VIRGO is a good time for cleaning, taking care of details. Sometimes we become more critical of others when the moon is in VIRGO. It is a sign of serving, helping others, but we cannot force our views on others. Some people never make their beds!

July 9 – The moon is still in VIRGO and the day is loaded with energy. It appears to be a day to accomplish so many things that you almost have to have a list!! Get your car detailed/washed, have a mani-pedi, paint a room, clean out your garage.. buy groceries. This is a “get it done” energy day!

July 10 – The moon moves into LIBRA at 4:32am and now the action of yesterday switches to thinking an planning! Sometimes the mind is overly busy under this energy. Make sure you ground yourself often today. Listen to music or visit art museums, see a concert. It is also a wonderful day to have a facial!

July 11 – The moon continues in LIBRA but the day is really CRANKY and nothing like yesterday. Lay low. Do not engage others in any kind of conversation that could escalate. The energy today is volatile. Be careful in driving, stay peaceful. Keep arguing for another day.

July 12 – The moon starts out the day still in LIBRA and sees VENUS moving into romantic and generous LEO. There is stressfull energy again today. At 11:01amET the moon moves into VOID until late afternoon 4:52pmET when it enters SCORPIO. Ugh ugh day.

July 13 – The moon in secretive SCORPIO calms things down a bit. The energy is still uneven, though, because the planet MERCURY moves into LEO at 8:47pmET. Now the thinking becomes grandiose and the challenge is to make sure you can live up to your imagination. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

July 14 – The moon still in SCORPIO until 6:22pmET. Doors are opening wide now for information to flow that has been hidden. Much of it will help to calm fears or suppositions. Today is a good day to pull back and just be a watcher and listener.

July 15 – The moon shifts into SAGITTARIUS at 5:14amET and brings a rather quiet day energy wise. There are a few bumps here and there mostly involving foreign countries and leaders but also the justice system. This is a good day for spiritual studies, attending a religious retreat.

July 16 – The moon in SAGITTARIUS has people stepping on toes, blurting out things without thinking. Be careful as the energy today is up one minute and cranky the next. The mind seems to be more peaceful late afternoon in spite of all the ups and downs.

July 17 – The moon enters VOID at 4:57amET until 3:33pmET when it moves into CAPRICORN. This is a good day to regroup from the week’s craziness. Emotions are more idealistic today. This makes a happier day for gatherings. Enjoy this while you can.

July 18 – The moon in cool CAPRICORN is a welcome relief after the ups and downs of last week. Tomorrow is a full moon so today may be more energetic than usual under a CAPRICORN moon. The one thing that could be quite busy is the stock market, money exchanges, etc. That can be positive or negative. Busy is definitely front and center.

July 19 – FULL MOON in CAPRICORN at 27 degrees. Today is a day of balancing. Banks and financial industries will be highlighted as well as those in fields that involve the elderly. Be very cautious in the signing of papers involving large sums of money. Mid morning is the best part of the day for negotiations and business deals if you need to do so today.

July 20 – The moon is in AQUARIUS as of 11:10pm last night. There is a desire to help others, to socialize, to be with friends. This is all good until early evening. So keep your having fun energy to the daytime and rest at night. This is an excellent day to give to a charity of your choice.

July 21 – The moon still in AQUARIUS brings out brainstorming, figure out ways to solve problems outside the box. This is a good day for radio and TV. Weather could be headlined. There is something about electricity today! Hmm... The moon shifts into VOID at 9:56pmET.

July 22 – Early morning, 4:35am, the moon slides into introverted PISCES and the SUN enters LEO. Happy Birthday Leo!! There are several energies to move the day along. One involves all matters pertaining to liquids, i.e, rain, gas, oil, oceans, etc. The other involves our leaders, global warming and celebrities. These could make the news in a big way.

July 23 – The moon is in PISCES again and has good energy. The day is good for having a hair cut, seeing movies, doing anything artistic, strolling through the meadows ? Whatever is peaceful and quite will work. The late afternoon does challenge us to keep our emotions in check, though, so be aware!

July 24 – The moon enters VOID at 3:06amET until 8:33amET when it jumps quickly into impatient ARIES. Now is when caution is always given for working with or around weapons, explosives, fire, sharp instruments and anything involving the head. Head injuries are sooo common under this energy that it almost makes one want to wear a helmet! Aggressive energy is over the top. Count to 20!

July 25 – The moon is still in impatient, assertive ARIES. It is a great day for accomplishment, just be careful you do not get into an accident, etc. This energy can be pushy and even start battles. Be careful on the homefront also as domestic situations can become volatile under the ARIES moon.

July 26 – The moon entered VOID early morning until 11:37amET when it moves into TAURUS. The day is calm. Money is featured. Manage your money very carefully today. Check your bank accounts, credit card balances, etc. Major purchases should be handled with care. Make sure you are getting a good deal. Eat and drink in moderation!

July 27 – The moon continues in TAURUS and has good energy. Look at property. The morning is excellent for solving problems, coming up with solutions to challenges of all kinds. It is a visionary type of energy so look to the future! Your intuition is on target. Protect your throat and see a doctor if you have a sore throat. The next two days we will feel the uneven energy of URANUS stationing retrograde. Be prepared for unexpected happenings.

July 28 – The moon opens the day still in TAURUS and then enters VOID at 11:13am until 2:17pmET. This gives a surprising type of energy for the midday timeframe. Lunch dates may not happen so be prepared for cancellations or delay during the day. Once the moon enters GEMINI in the afternoon, there will be an increase in communications of all kinds. Enjoy the afternoon after a bumpy morning.

July 29 – The moon in the master communication sign, GEMINI, means there could be a lot of texting, emailing, phone calls going on today. BE CAREFUL because URANUS stations Retrograde at 5:06pmET. URANUS rules electricity, lightning, radio/tv broadcasting, etc. This could bring about incorrect reporting or maybe even just outages will occur. Be prepared!

July 30 – The moon opens in GEMINI but quickly goes into VOID at 7:46amET for an all day affair. At 5:09pmET the moon will slide into sensitive and home loving CANCER. Expect unusual events today. MERCURY moves into VIRGO giving a critical eye to the thinking.

July 31 – The moon is in CANCER and end this month with home, family, health at the forefront. It is important to tell those you love how much you care and how much theymean to you. This is a great day to have a family cookout or go out for pizza! Many people experience stomach upsets under this energy so limit the spicy foods today!

Noon Cycles including Void of Course Moons (VOC or VOID)

New Moon: A new moon initiates energy that is very strong for four weeks or one lunar cycle but influences the year until another new moon occurs in that same sign - usually a year later. What that energy involves is indicated by the sign in which the new moon occurs and personally, which house/aspects etc are activated in your astrological chart. If the new moon is an eclipse the energy is tripled.

Full Moon: The full moon that follows two weeks after the new moon brings the energy of the new moon out into the open, or to a peak. It continues to unfold energy for two more weeks until the next new moon when the cycle begins all over again highlighting a different area of our lives. Those emotional influences can last a year.

Void Moon: When the transiting moon makes no aspect to a transiting planet, it is considered to be VOID. During these void periods - which can last a few minutes or a few days - it is best to avoid signing sign contracts, interviewing for jobs, or setting important appointments. Why? Because appointments are usually delayed or rescheduled altogether or they do not turn out as expected. Contracts have delays or have to be re-negotiated, etc. Job interviews turn out to be non-productive or empty promises are made. If, for instance, a first interview does occur and appears positive, you may be asked to start ASAP or have to interview with additional people. Individually, if you are under excellent aspects from transiting planets, this will then be a good time to proceed even though the moon is void.

I find that during void moon energy, solutions to problems can be found. Therefore, it is an excellent time for lawyers to find loopholes in cases or uncover evidence that will turn a case in their favor. Lost items are found or returned during this energy at a higher percentage than when the moon is not void. Any computer glitches that have evaded solution can suddenly be resolved. You can be lucky and win a lottery or raffle. Keep in mind that during a VOID MOON, any activities undertaken usually take TWICE as long to accomplish!!! There is an element of LUCK associated with VOID energy. Use it wisely! :-)

One thing is for certain -- always expect the unexpected during the time of a VOID of COURSE MOON -- good and bad -- and be prepared for delays or cancellations.

Eclipses in 2016

Sep 1st SOLAR eclipse: in Virgo at 9 deg 21 min
Sep 16th LUNAR eclipse: in Pisces at 24 deg 20 min

Retrograde Planets in 2016

When a planet is retrograde, its energy is weakened, misunderstood or projected in an unclear manner. The sun signs, industries, activities and so forth ruled by the retrograde planet, will feel held back, restricted, misunderstood or weakened. This is also a time when you are given an opportunity to re-do, re-evaluate these areas. Many times it brings about a better solution or happier direction.

Mercury: August 30th - September 22nd; December 19th 2016 - January 8th 2017 when Mercury retrogrades

When Mercury is retrograde communications, electronics, transportation all hit a snag. Satellites go down, electronics breakdown, emails/texts etc are erroneously sent, weak relationships break up (business and personal), trains/airplanes are challenged or in the news and… the flow of money stalls or slows down. That means that “check in the mail” probably will not arrive until after Mercury goes direct! Watch the stock markets. Be cautious in all money dealings. If you have electronic equipment that has been showing signs of needing to be replaced, it will probably break down during the retrograde. This is NOT the time to initiate anything new, especially personal relationships. The retrograde period should focus on OLD business/relationships or projects already in motion before the retrograde cycle began. Many times the Mercury retrograde period allows for resolution of problems. Agreements can be finalized, etc. Just be careful with any of the “numbers” in the paperwork. If possible delay the signing of a contract until after Mercury is direct to avoid complications. Never make a major purchase under Mercury retrograde unless you have overwhelmingly good aspects!

I believe the week prior to Mercury stationing retrograde is when all the crazy stuff seems to happen! Be watchful!

Jupiter: June 13 - November 19th

Jupiter is a great example of optimistic energy. It highlights legal activities, foreign policies, foreign countries, higher education, military activities, and the higher mind. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius. When it is retrograde, it pulls back some of its energy. It is still powerful but the retrograde makes if feel weaker.

Pluto: April 18th - September 26th

Considered to no longer be a planet, it still is one to me! Pluto takes many, many years to transit a sign. The transit of it through a sign will create an impact that could affect generations. It is considered to be a heavy weight when it comes to banking or financial institutions. Having Pluto retrograde also pulls back some of its great influence from Scorpio sun signs as it is the ruler of Scorpio. Pluto gets along really well with Jupiter. By the end of April, both planets will be retrograde. This could create challenges with foreign interests or countries, money, executive/legislative branches, banks, educational institutions and even pipelines! Scorpio sun signs and Scorpio ascendants may not have the gusto you crave, but you can still get a lot accomplished.

Saturn: March 25th - August 13th

Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn. It also rules the activities involved with government, authority figures, responsibilities and the elderly. Now is the time to think about your budget, commitments, etc that started back in Sep 2015. Are there any changes you want to make? Double check all credit card balances, bank accounts, and any legal papers you may have signed. This is a really positive time review your budget for beneficial changes. Now is not the time for committing to a relationship or additional responsibilities. Slow down. Review. If you are having any major dental surgery done during this retrograde, it would be wise to find the best energy day possible before you do it. Remember when a planet if retrograde, it is weak. Saturn rules the teeth!

Uranus: July 29 - December 29th

Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, electricity, automobiles, assassination attempts, earthquakes, radio and TV, astrology, Bohemian, and Russia to name a few. When it is retrograde, Uranus gives the topics and also countries that it rules, time for review, reconsideration. It also holds back some of its strength in order to allow for this. It’s like slowing down as you approach an intersection to give you time to make sure you know in which direction you want to go. With Uranus in Aries (unexpected, impulsive), this is actually a good thing as it pulls the energy back to a more manageable level.

Transiting Planets in 2016

If a slower moving planet connects with one of your personal planets such as your Sun, Venus, Mercury or Mars, it will initiate a reaction or event regarding the planet that is touched. Example: transiting Jupiter connects with your Venus. You could simply have a wonderful couple of "feeling good" days while this is active or maybe win a lottery, fall in love with someone or something, have a face-lift, settle a legal case, or set up a new banking account. It is helpful to know if this will be happening so you can plan better and be prepared to make it a good "connection". Here are the slower moving planets and the signs they will be travelling through in 2016:

Jupiter in VIRGO until September 9 when it enters the sign of LIBRA. Jupiter is the fastest moving of the slower planets, staying approximately one year in each sign. It takes approximately 12 years for Jupiter to travel through all 12 signs. Virgo sun signs can enjoy Jupiter in their sign until it leave and moves into LIBRA in September. This transit of Jupiter is a helpful energy for VIRGO sun signs. Keep your critical eye in check, though or you could be a little too much for people around you!! Keeping in mind the legal influence, you can also attract a legal situation if you use this energy in a negative way. For instance, receiving a speeding ticket, filing a lawsuit or being involved in one, or perhaps an inheritance/will etc. While Jupiter transits the sign of VIRGO there will be a focus worldwide on things ruled by VIRGO: Iraq, Army, chemists, dairy farmers, the Congo, Jerusalem, Los Angeles CA, chickens, doctors in general, Switzerland... to name just a few things influenced by this transit.

In September when it enters LIBRA, the Libra sun signs will have this “guardian angel” with them until October 2017. The last few months of 2016 will find Jupiter giving positive energy to the arts, music, relationships, agreements, and even make-overs. Because LIBRA is a cardinal sign, those born under the sign of Capricorn, Aries and Cancer or who have planets in these signs, will experience the effects of this transit at some point as Jupiter contacts your sun sign.

Saturn in Sagittarius until December 2017. The last time Saturn was in Sagittarius was late 1985 into early 1988. It takes about 2.5 years to transit one sign. Scorpio sun signs are quite relieved as it finally exited Scorpio. It WILL return once again to Scorpio but only for very brief stay this summer and only effects 28 and 29 degrees of Scorpio. It is now Sagittarius' turn to feel the structuring, disciplining and in some cases restricting energy of this transit. Saturn's energy helps us better manage our talents and urges. It can bring unexpected responsibilities or even a health issue that requires discipline and focus to overcome. Commitments made during a transit of Saturn to a personal planet have endurance energy/longevity. Negatively, they can feel like heavy responsibilities! But it is not a bad energy for a good marriage or business partnership if all other aspects are supportive. This is the time to stay current with your medical exams especially if you are born under the sign of Sagittarius, OR have a personal planet in Sagittarius, OR have Sagittarius rising OR have Sagittarius on your house of health (6th house). If you have planets in the sign of Gemini, Saturn will, at some point, create an opposing energy. This can bring limitations (including medical conditions) or simply push you to organize and discipline your activities. It CAN feel really burdensome - even depressing - having Saturn in your sun sign (or opposing it), but you do not have to feel that way. With the ability to focus and accomplish, use Saturn's positive side to finish up projects or goals that have been set aside. Take on any added responsibilities as a learning experience that will benefit you. Hard work is usually required when Saturn is in your sign so be prepared to work hard and be rewarded accordingly. Remember, work smarter not harder.

Uranus, in Aries, will continue transiting the sign of Aries moving from 16 degrees to 24 degrees Aries but retrogrades back to 20 degrees by the end of 2016. If you have a planet in your astro chart at 16-24 degrees Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, Uranus will energize that planet sometime in 2016. Libra sun signs born Oct 9 -19 will feel this energy as an opposing force. It is challenging but not as aggressively challenging as those born in the sign of Aries will feel. You could suddenly want to quit a job, seek a divorce, change your hair style, or even relocate when this happens. The energy of freedom loving Uranus is not predictable except to say it is unpredictable. Sudden changes, accidents, changes in beliefs, strong desire to be free, etc. can all be part of this energy. Be careful in your desire to feel free, to break the rules, to make radical changes, especially if you are aged 41-43. Remember, once the transit completes, you will be living with the consequences of your actions and decisions! Uranus is sending kind vibes to Aquarius and Gemini but challenges Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, and of course, Aries.

Neptune, in Pisces until 2025, will move from 7 degrees to 12 degrees Pisces but during the year it retrogrades ending 2016 direct at 9 degrees. It is very slow moving. Be cautious in business dealings and LOVE as Neptune energy can be evasive and deceiving you before you know it. Neptune has a strong spiritual side and connects to the higher realms. It also rules all liquids and the oceans, water, floods, drugs, hospitals, jails, bodily fluids including perspiration! Perhaps if your planets are contacted by this transiting Neptune, you will find yourself returning to church, restoring your faith, being drawn to the beach, or finding that true love! Watch out, though! Make sure you remove your rose colored glasses before making major decisions. Virgo sun signs may find themselves working with Pisces sun signs or changing careers to work in a Pisces industry i.e., oil, ink, ocean liners, entertainment, singing, children, any music or acting, etc. Virgo sun signs will feel the opposing energy creating feelings of vagueness and mystery. Enjoy this opportunity to not only dream but to also see your dreams come true.

Pluto, in Capricorn, will transit 14, 15, 16 and 17 degrees of Capricorn in 2016. Those born Jan 4-9, Apr 3-8, Jul 5-9 and Oct 6-11 will most likely feel this transit more directly. In an astrological chart if you have personal planets at 14-17 degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra, you will feel the transformative power of Pluto as it interacts with that planet. It can involve corruption, drugs, sexual desires, skin and teeth issues, government planning, the disciplining parent, deaths, and big business to name a few. Pluto in Capricorn helps define economic changes that will be beneficial and strong. Capricorn rules big business and government and government officials. In 2016, Pluto in Capricorn will provide the impetus to release or destroy anything that has served its purpose in our lives. The changes being made will be long lasting ones as Capricorn is cautious, practical and very responsible. A positive use of the energy would be to take the initiate and change areas of your life that need improvement – before it is done for you! Emotionally you could embark on a new way of looking at life. A word to the wise should be sufficient. Virgo and Taurus – fellow earth signs of Capricorn – should find the transformations and changes, very positive and easier to integrate than other sun signs.

May the force be with you... always. ~ General Dodonna