April 2015

APRIL… for the world it increases indecision, especially emotionally. Sometimes, rather than indecision, it simply means there are too many cooks in the kitchen! Topics featured in April will include strong banking negotiations, possible mergers, new policies regarding communications, transportation and airlines, aggressive actions, and unexpected explosions, fires, earthquakes or strong weather systems. There is also a strong layer of political hodgepodge evident. A large percentage of this yucky, mixed energy will be felt the first 2 weeks of April. Then there will be a lull for a few days. The last week of April will see it increasing again. Due to the energy from the Solar Eclipse of March 20th still lingering in the air, there could also be water/ocean related events that could be startling. It would be wise and positive if the energy this month was used in compromise and agreements. However, the energy is so "self serving" and "assertive" that any kind of negotiation will be challenging.

LUNAR ECLIPSE April 4th at 14 degrees LIBRA occuring at 8:05amET This is an emotional moon. It is action oriented and emotionally based. Be cautious in the few days before and after the 4th as the energy is quite unpredictable. There is an incredible amount of impatience in the air. Patience is golden now. Do not push. Wait for the energy to peak and pass – maybe by April 7th.

JUPITER RETURNS TO FULL POWER April 8th in LEO 12 degrees Jupiter rules Sagittarius, foreign places/people, law/judges, casinos, luck, church affairs, banks/bankers (places where money is kept) bailifs, education, religion, and budgets to name just a few topics that will now have forward movement. SAGITTARIUS sun signs will feel an energy lift (in spite of Saturn). The house that has Sagittarius on the cusp in your astrological chart will feel renewed energy as Jupiter regains strength.

PLUTO STATIONS RETROGRADE April 16th in CAPRICORN 12 degrees Pluto rules SCORPIO sun signs and the astrological house cusp with SCORPIO on it. This slow down will allow time to reconsider the things that need to be transformed "made over". There could be market/money challenges so be very careful with your savings/investments/retirement accounts. Maybe this is a good time to upgrade them or at least review them.


Apr 04: Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE in Libra at 14 degrees (thinking become more strategic, demanding equality)

Apr 18: New Moon in Aries 28 degrees – (aggressive, impatient, explosive)

A new moon initiates energy that will last for four weeks or one lunar cycle. The kind of energy involved is indicated by the sign in which the moon occurs. The full moon that takes place two weeks after a new moon brings the energy of that new moon out into the open, or to a peak. It continues to unfold energy for two more weeks until the next new moon when the cycle begins all over again highlighting adifferent area of our lives. There was a new moon SOLAR ECLIPSE on March 20th. That energy is now flowing and most know how it is effecting their lives or businesses. If no clues were uncovered, then perhaps the full moon LUNAR ECLIPSE on April 4th will clarify.

Dates with Unusual, Uneven or Very Disruptive Energy

April 2,3
WEEK of April 5th
April 15,16,17
April 24,25,26


Apr 01: This is April Fools' Day. The morning starts with a "foggy" energy which should have you alert to deception today. This fits with the "pranks" that are commonly played on this day. The moon is in VIRGO and is more logical and caring but also can be hypercritical! Emotions are tender in the evening so be careful with the fun and pranks today. Pisces sun signs should visit a museum or see a movie!

Apr 02: The moon enters VOID early at 5:01am and remains VOID all day. Expect the unexpected. Delays are common as are cancellations and rescheduling. If you have appointments today, go prepared to wait or that things may not turn out exactly as planned. This could turn out to be a lucky day. It is challenging at times to find the energy to be productive today as it is easy to just lounge around. If you can rest, do so as the energy is increasing ahead of the full moon eclipse on the 4th.

Apr 03: The moon enters the mental sign of LIBRA 3:07amET. It is also observed as Good Friday. The energy is electric and high as it builds for the full moon eclipse tomorrow. This is a great day for doing anything that will make something/someone more beautiful – hair cuts, manicures, car wash, as well as finding the right balance between work and home. ARIES sun signs feel the energy is quite draining.

Apr 04: FULL MOON ECLIPSE -- 14 Libra at 8:05amET – There is STRONG oppositional energy. Emotions bubble over. Impulsive and risky behaviors are likely. Keep tempers under control.. count to ten before acting. Be very careful in all communications so that you are understood correctly. The moon in LIBRA will go VOID at 11:58amET (noon) and will remain VOID until tomorrow afternoon. The high energy of yesterday and this morning will now either calm down or increase unexpected events. Focus on positive results. ARIES sun signs are really challenged to be peaceful.

Apr 05: EASTER SUNDAY -- The energy from yesterday is still unfolding. The moon is VOID until 3:04pmET when it enters the secretive and private sign of SCORPIO. There are harsh energies midday and late night. Find something quiet to do today. AQUARIUS and ARIES sun signs may have difficulties managing todays energy. TAURUS feels drained and may need an afternoon nap! World markets are highlighted.

Apr 06: The moon continues in SCORPIO. This is an average start to the week and is welcomed after last weeks energy. Be cautious with all medicines. Make sure prescriptions are filled correctly. Closures, endings, resignations are in the news today.

Apr 07: The moon still in SCORPIO will keep the morning energy quiet but by midday there is yucky energy involving monies, love, transportation (esp short trips) and news leaks. At 4:42pmET the moon enters VOID for the rest of the day. This may not be the best day for GEMINI sun signs!

Apr 08: The moon moved into SAGITTARIUS at 1:08amET. JUPITER now transiting in LEO, will turn DIRECT at 12:58pmET. This is great for SAGITTARIUS sun signs. If you have any legal procedings pending, they will move forward quickly. Watch for misunderstandings or deception in late afternoon or early evening. Be clear in all communications.

Apr 09: Moon continues in Sagittarius until it enters VOID at 1:42pmET. This is a day filled with positive energy flows. Take advantage of it. Even Gemini sun signs will find today one that holds great accomplishment. The only caution is to not overdo!

Apr 10: The moon started the day VOID but quickly enters CAPRICORN at 8:47amET. The mood shifts to one of seriousness, even coolness. It is a great energy for taking care of business, paying bills, etc. It may be a challenging day in court especially in the PM. CANCER sun signs..take the day off!

Apr 11: The moon in CAPRICORN and VENUS moves into flirty, chatty GEMINI. Love is in the air but only if you can communicate your feelings! With moon in the cool wave of Capricorn and Venus in easily bored Gemini, this is more a weekend for fun and games.. nothing serious, please. If you try for romance today you may find yourself stumbling and bumbling! The wonderful fragrance of Sandalwood might work this evening!

Apr 12: The moon is VOID as of 4:15amET…until 1:44pmET when it gladly moves into friendly and determined Aquarius. The energy moves evenly in spite of a few distractions. Enjoy the outdoors if possible today. All electrical "things" and airplanes, electronics, etc.. will play into the news today and tomorrow.

Apr 13: The moon is in AQUARIUS again. There is disruptive energy before noon. The afternoon is calmer and quieter. It might be best to postpone AM meetings until the afternoon to avoid disagreements. The morning will challenge even the best juggler. Obey the traffic laws!

Apr 14: The moon begins the day still in AQUARIUS. MERCURY moves into TAURUS. The moon shifts into VOID at 3:45pmET and quickly moves into PISCES at 4:12pmET. There is a friendlier more compassionate energy in the air today, however due to the shifting of Mercury, there may be a little anxiousness late in the day. It will pass overnight. The thinking becomes more focused on security and quality of life. It can also bring stubborness. Be flexible in thought over the next few weeks.

Apr 15: U.S. TAX DEADLINE With the moon still in sensitive PISCES until 5:37pmET, it is a good time to file taxes, to donate to charity, volunteer your services, have your pets groomed, buy new shoes and of course, mail your tax return if you havent already. Today is perfect for breathing in the calming scent of Lavender.

Apr 16: The moon is still VOID from late yesterday. It will enter the aggressive sign of ARIES at 5pmET. The energy is erratic and seems to penetrate deeply into the heart and mind. Go within. Pay close attention to your intuition. Be alert to your environment. There is a major shifting of energy that could cause disruptions in the earth's crust. This may have started a few days earlier. It might be good to use Rosemary in your dinner dish tonight…or maybe have dinner out at an Italian restaurant.

Apr 17: The moon is now strongly vibrating to the ARIES drumbeat. With the level of energy becoming more aggressive and impulsive, be very careful handling sharp instruments, weapons of all kinds including explosives, fire fighting and, believe it or not having your blood drawn or donating blood. There is a New Moon tomorrow in Aries. We are feeling it today. Go slow.

Apr 18: NEW MOON in ARIES at 28 degrees occurring at 2:57pmET. Be careful you do not overdo especially with work out programs. Pace yourself a little slower today. The moon is in ARIES until 2:57pm then it enters VOID until 5:31pmET when if slowly moves into TAURUS.. a more practical and cautious sign. Hopefully, this energy shift will help ground the high level of energy of the last few days. Normally it takes a day or two after a new moon for the energy to balance, but maybe the TAURUS energy will speed that up. Be VERY careful with eating and drinking this evening and tomorrow! Overindulgence coupled with the new moon energy is a recipe for trouble. SCORPIO sun signs need to stay home!

Apr 19: The moon continues in TAURUS until 7pmET when it will enter VOID until tomorrow evening. Today is a mixed bag of energy, some pleasant, some not so pleasant. Pace yourself. The sun is preparing to leave ARIES so there is this rippling going on in the air. Walk this energy off rather than allowing it to build. LEO sun signs may feel anxious. VIRGO sun signs can turn this into a positive work day.

Apr 20: The moon is VOID until 7:28pmET. The Sun enters TAURUS early morning bringing wonderful "birthday energy" to all TAURUS sun signs. Expect the unexpected today. There will be delays in appointments and maybe even cancellations. This is a fabulous day to buy flowers/plants, do landscaping or work with flowers--- a true Sunflower day! Watch your bank accounts, credit cards and any other money accounts. Double check all transactions for mistakes. The moon moves into fun loving GEMINI at 7:28pmET.

Apr 21: The moon in the conversationalist GEMINI sign promotes communication of all types. Arrgh.. there are harsh aspects scattered throughout the day. Perhaps the less communication today, the better. Most of the harsh aspects will be gone by early afternoon. With Saturn transiting in Sagittarius and the moon in Gemini, many born under Sagittarius may find today quite challenging. Foreign policies, countries, may also be tested.

Apr 22: The moon in GEMINI moved into VOID very early at 1:38amET…and brings another VOID day ALL DAY LONG. EARTH DAY. With several positive aspects today, this could be a lucky day for many. Remember to never gamble what you cannot afford to lose! Otherwise, enjoy.

Apr 23: The moon shifted into CANCER right after midnight. The day is quieter, more family/home focused. The feelings are intensified and sensitive. There is a "caring" energy in the air. It is easy to cry or release the emotions (even anger). Property matters are featured as well as facilities or organizations that care for others. Today has a richness about it that is quite positive if used with an open heart and THAT may trouble some CAPRICORNS who are very frugal and a bit cool at times.

Apr 24: The moon still in CANCER until 1:04pmET when, AGAIN, the rest of the day is VOID. There is TESTY energy early morning but once that passes and we move into the afternoon, there is less aggressiveness. LIBRA sun signs have a bit of a challenge today.

Apr 25: The moon shifts into LEO at 9:13amET bringing an element of fun and song and dance into play. A little romance is good and should turn out pretty well.. even though there is a "bump" around 8pmET. Stay steady – it passes quickly and then the evening is good.

Apr 26: The moon still in romantic and a little ego focused LEO sets the tone for today and it seems pretty positive until very late evening. Go to bed early and miss it. AQUARIUS and TAURUS sun signs will not "feel the good" today so stay home, watch a movie, and eat some popcorn!

Apr 27: The day begins with the LEO moon but shifts into VOID again at 10:12amET for the day. It moves into VIRGO tonight at 9:07pmET. During the day, the energy will be yucky from mid morning on. There is a pull to take care of responsibilies, to focus on duty first. It may be difficult to avoid stepping on someone's toes today. Be aware!

Apr 28: The moon in serving and critical VIRGO will help keep the day organized. Late in the day there is a cause for opening the eyes, taking off the rose colored glasses and seeing things as they are, not as you hope they are. This is a good day for health attention, laundry, cleaning, organizing, analyzing. Use it wisely. PISCES sun signs feel low on energy. BREATHE deeply and often.

Apr 29: The moon still in VIRGO and really pushing us to work, work, work! We are to the end of the month so check that to-do list. Make sure you are clicking tasks off!! Reach out to hospitals, nursing homes, etc if you want them as clients.

Apr 30: The last day of the month finds the moon opening the day in VIRGO but quickly entersing VOID at 8:23amET for a short time. MERCURY gladly moves into GEMINI. At 10:03amET the moon will moves into LIBRA. With Mercury feeling right at home in GEMINI and the moon in the kindred air sign of LIBRA, the day should sparkle with great ideas, new directions and in some cases, indecisiveness! Have a plan. Work it today.

Retrograde Planets

When a planet is retrograde, its energy is weakened, misunderstood or projected in an unclear manner. The sun signs, industries, activities and so forth ruled by the retrograde planet, will feel held back, restricted, misunderstood or weakened. This is also a time when you are given an opportunity to re-do, re-evaluate these areas. Many times it brings about a better solution or happier direction.

JUPITER: Dec 8th - April 8th 2015
Jupiter is a benefic planet bringing a cushion in times of falls, luck in times unexpected. It is like having an angel on your should when it is in your sun sign. Jupiter can also bring legal matters into focus. Religions, higher institutions of learning, foreign places and people, judges and court rulings are all ruled by Jupiter. When it is retrograde, it pulls back or reduces the energy. It becomes weak. It is still active, just not as strong. If you are involved in any of the above mentioned subjects, these could slow down or be put on hold until Jupiter returns to full power in April. This slowdown allows time for review of what has already occurred. The sign of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. If you are born under this sign, you may feel as though you are a little slower than usual during this retrograde period. Use the time wisely to "catch up" and be ready to push forward once the retrograde period is over.

SATURN: March 14th - August 2nd 2015
SATURN represents the father figure, the authority and rules government, time, the elderly, banking and structure to name a few things. It has the reputation of being tough and bringing hardships and challenge. There is some truth to this if you are floundering or need direction! When Saturn retrogrades you are given a chance to review policies, rules, commitments, etc to see if any changes need to be made to improve your business, your life, your relationships. If used wisely, this can turn out to be a very positive thing even if it was difficult to do. Delays in government are common when Saturn is retrograde. If you are a CAPRICORN sun sign or have CAPRICORN ascendant/rising sign, you will sense that things are slowing to give you the opportunity to fine tune your direction. Saturn does this long retrograde every year. This year it will have some assistance from Uranus in fellow air sign ARIES so it will not be felt as a slowdown for many but rather a push for defining what is happening in your work and life. This is a positive way to use the energy.

PLUTO: April 16th - September 25th 2015
Pluto pushes a transformative energy into play. It is considered to be the ruler of the sign of Scorpio as well as the 8th house in an astrological chart, and that house rules death, wills, inheritances, etc. If we can see the Pluto transit as an instrument for transformation for better things, it would perhaps become a favorite. Pluto is also considered to be a powerful energy for "big" money. When it is retrograde, the energy is weak, not gone, simply weakened. It allows time to reconsider what has already taken place regarding Pluto/Capricorn matters. This would now include banking and big business. Many times Scorpio sun signs feel as though their forward pace has slowed. The house in your astro chart ruled by Pluto usually needs attention or reviewing. Pluto is not getting along well with Uranus right now. They are in a love-hate relationship and as a result, the energy created explodes… stock market drops, banking troubles, authority breaches, government leaders challenged. Watch the days surrounding April 16th for headliners involving Afghanistan, Mexico, engineers, undergrounds places (or businesses), the Vatican, Egypt, grain dealers, and business deals to name a few.

Transiting Planets

If a slower moving planet connects with one of your personal planets such as your Sun, Venus, Mercury or Mars, it will initiate a reaction or event regarding the planet that is touched. Example: transiting Jupiter connects with your Venus. You could simply have a wonderful couple of "feeling good" days while this is active or maybe win a lottery, fall in love with someone or something, have a face-lift, settle a legal case, or set up a new banking account. It is helpful to know if this will be happening so you can plan better and be prepared to make it a good "connection". Here are the slower moving planets and the signs they will be travelling through in 2015:

Jupiter in Leo until September 2015. Jupiter is the fastest moving of the slower planets, staying approximately one year in each sign. It takes approximately 12 years for Jupiter to travel through all 12 signs. Those Leo sun signs that are experiencing this transit will not have this again for approximately 12 years. Virgo suns are next to have this benefic planet transit their sign. Jupiter moved into the sign of LEO in July of 2014 shifting the spotlight to those who are world leaders, famous sports figures and anyone in the arts/entertainment area, higher education, an emphasis on foreign countries/people (including long trips) and anything "legal". It will still be in when 2015 begins. It will complete the transit of LEO in the summer of 2015. This is a positive energy for LEO sun signs. Keep egos in check and make sure you can walk your talk!! Keeping in mind the legal influence, you can also attract a legal situation if you use this energy in a negative way. For instance, receiving a speeding ticket, filing a lawsuit or being involved in one, etc. Once it enters the sign of VIRGO in August, an adjustment will be made. More on that in the August forecast.

Saturn in Sagittarius until December 2017. The last time Saturn was in Sagittarius was late 1985 into early 1988. It takes about 2.5 years to transit one sign. Scorpio sun signs are quite relieved as it finally exited Scorpio. It WILL return once again to Scorpio but only for very brief stay this summer and only effects 28 and 29 degrees of Scorpio. It is now Sagittarius' turn to feel the structuring, disciplining and in some cases restricting energy of this transit. Saturn's energy helps us better manage our talents and urges. It can bring unexpected responsibilities or even a health issue that requires discipline and focus to overcome. Commitments made during a transit of Saturn to a personal planet have endurance energy/longevity. Negatively, they can feel like heavy responsibilities! But it is not a bad energy for a good marriage or business partnership if all other aspects are supportive. This is the time to stay current with your medical exams especially if you are born under the sign of Sagittarius, OR have a personal planet in Sagittarius, OR have Sagittarius rising OR have Sagittarius on your house of health (6th house). If you have planets in the sign of Gemini, Saturn will, at some point, create an opposing energy. This can bring limitations (including medical conditions) or simply push you to organize and discipline your activities. It CAN feel really burdensome – even depressing - having Saturn in your sun sign (or opposing it), but you do not have to feel that way. With the ability to focus and accomplish, use Saturn's positive side to finish up projects or goals that have been set aside. Take on any added responsibilities as a learning experience that will benefit you. Hard work is usually required when Saturn is in your sign so be prepared to work hard and be rewarded accordingly. Remember, work smarter not harder.

Uranus, in Aries, will continue transiting the sign of Aries moving from 12 degrees to 20 degrees in 2015. It does retrograde during the year and in December 2015 it will have retrograded back to 16 degrees Aries from 20. If you have a planet in your astrological chart at 12-20 degrees Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, Uranus will energize that planet sometime in 2015. Libra sun signs born October 5 -15 will feel this energy as an opposing force. It is challenging but not as aggressively challenging as those born in the sign of Aries will feel. You could suddenly want to quit a job, seek a divorce, change your hair style, or even relocate when this happens. The energy of freedom loving Uranus is not predictable except to say it is unpredictable. Sudden changes, accidents, changes in beliefs, strong desire to be free, etc can all be part of this energy. Be careful in your desire to feel free, to break the rules, to make radical changes, especially if you are aged 41-43. Remember, once the transit completes, you will be living with the consequences of your actions and decisions! Uranus is sending kind vibes to Aquarius and Gemini but challenging the signs of Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, and of course, Aries.

Neptune, in Pisces, will move from 5 degrees to 7 degrees Pisces during 2015. It is very slow moving. Be cautious in business dealings and LOVE as Neptune energy can be evasive and deceiving you before you know it. Neptune has a strong spiritual side and connects to the higher realms. It also rules all liquids and the oceans, water, floods, drugs, hospitals, jails, bodily fluids including perspiration! Perhaps if your planets are contacted by this transiting Neptune, you will find yourself returning to church, restoring your faith, being drawn to the beach, or finding that true love! Watch out, though! Make sure you remove your rose colored glasses before making major decisions. Virgo sun signs may find themselves working with Pisces sun signs or changing careers to work in a Pisces industry i.e., oil, ink, ocean liners, entertainment, singing, children, any music or acting, etc. Virgo sun signs will feel the opposing energy creating feelings of vagueness and mystery. Enjoy this opportunity to not only dream but to also see your dreams come true.

Pluto, in Capricorn, will transit 13, 14 and 15 degrees of Capricorn in 2015. Those born Jan 2-7, Apr 2-7, Jul 3 -9 and Oct 5-10 will most likely feel this transit more directly. In an astrological chart if you have personal planets at 13, 14, or 15 degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra, you will feel the transformative power of Pluto as it interacts with that planet. It can involve corruption, drugs, sexual desires, skin and teeth issues, government planning, the disciplining parent, and big business to name a few. Pluto in Capricorn helps define economic changes that will be beneficial and strong. Capricorn rules big business and government and government officials. These may be headliners in 2015. The changes being made will be long lasting ones as Capricorn is cautious and responsible. A very positive use of the energy would be to overhaul any area of your life that needs improvement. Emotionally you could embark on a new way of looking at life.A word to the wise should be sufficient! Virgo and Taurus -- fellow earth signs of Capricorn -- should find the transformations and changes, very positive and easier to integrate.

Void of Course Moon
When the transiting moon makes no aspect to a transiting planet, it is considered to be VOID. During these void periods – which can last a few minutes or a few days – it is best to avoid signing sign contracts, interviewing for jobs, or setting important appointments. Why? Because appointments are usually delayed or rescheduled altogether or they do not turn out as expected. Contracts have delays or have to be re-negotiated, etc. Job interviews turn out to be non-productive or empty promises are made. If, for instance, a first interview does occur and appears positive, you may be asked to start ASAP or have to interview with additional people. Individually, if you are under excellent aspects from transiting planets, this will then be a good time to proceed even though the moon is void.

I feel that during void moon energy, solutions to problems can be found. Therefore, it is an excellent time for lawyers to find loopholes in cases or uncover evidence that will turn a case in their favor. Lost items are found or returned during this energy at a higher percentage than when the moon is not void. Any computer glitches that have evaded solution can suddenly be resolved. You can be lucky and win a lottery or raffle. Keep in mind that during a VOID MOON, any activities undertaken usually take TWICE as long to accomplish!!! There is an element of LUCK associated with VOID energy. Use it wisely!

One thing is for certain -- always expect the unexpected during a VOID of COURSE MOON timeframe -- good and bad -- and be prepared for delays.

Be blessed always!